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LATINTEACH: Where Latin Teachers Meet In Cyberspace

LATINTEACH: Where Latin Teachers Meet In Cyberspace

An evolving collection of pedagogical resources for Latin teachers. Includes a wide variety of teacher submitted materials including: SAT review exercises; games; a making Roman coins class activity; materials for Vergils Aeneid book one; many other resources.


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Glenda Carl
Glenda Carl (Faculty)
18 years ago
I spent half an hour browsing through all the materials, thinking about how I would use them, and taking notes. Some pages I bookmarked.

The one concern I have is that some of the links are stale. This is of particular importance in the case of the Collaborative Self-Study Latin course and the Continuing Education for Latin Teachers. I can see both of these topics arousing interest, only to disappoint users who discover that they refer to activities from 2001.

Technical Remarks:

The materials are designed for a variety of different audiences -- all Latin teachers, certainly, but of different courses and at different levels. There should be something there for everyone.

Most of the material is easy to use, even by novice teachers. In fact, it's extremely helpful to new teachers to have such a collection of tested ideas described in detail (in most cases) in one place! If used appropriately, I think the materials would definitely enhance both teaching and learning.

The concepts and models that are presented are frequently geared toward high school Latin classes and quite often offer ways to approach material on the AP exam. Since I teach at a small liberal arts college, much of this material would not be particularly useful to me (which is not to say that it would not be useful to others, obviously). Even so, I would say that the concepts and models presented are educationally significant.

These are the materials that I particularly liked and hope to use in my classes:

  • Rhetoric Activity

  • Multiple Intelligence Evaluations

  • Aeneid Book I Comprehension packet

  • Bacchus Ball

  • Crazy Cards

  • Derivative Skits

  • Forum Romanum webquest

These are the materials that I do plan to use in my courses and lectures this semester:

  • Interleaving of Macaulay's Horatius poem with Livy's account (I will be lecturing on Catullus Monday night, and this is exactly what I wanted to do with some of the poems!)

  • Mnemonics (every semester, my students tell me about some of these, and, since I never learned them, I haven't been able to use them to help my students. Now I can!

  • Rhetoric Activity (every year, I teach medieval Latin literature in translation, and every year I struggle with getting the importance of the use of rhetorical figures across to them. I think this activity will help a lot!)

I would be interested in using the Travelling with Students page and the Roman family tree chart, but neither of these resources mesh very well with the courses I am currently teaching.

Overall, I found this to be a useful site with few areas of concern.
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