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Visual Perception

Visual Perception

This is one of a collection of sub-sites in the mega site "Internet Psych Lab." It includes several different sites, each demonstrating a different psychological phenomenon..


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Cassandra Kline
Cassandra Kline (Student)
20 years ago
The site was easy to access and it provided a lot of information.

Technical Remarks:

It was effective to my learning and it was also fun to read.
Amy Smith
Amy Smith (Student)
20 years ago
The site was very interesting. The material was broke down to make it easier to
understand. The activities where very good with lots of color and visual

Technical Remarks:

The material was well done. The site ran very well and the effects where good.
Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith (Student)
20 years ago
As a college freshman, I found the The Internet Psychology Lab to be an
entertaining theme park of interactive illusions and experiments. Three of the
four main topics--audio perception, visual perception, and cognition--took you
on a fascinating journey into the world of perception and illusion.

The interactive illusion demonstrations were fascinating, stimulating, mind
boggling, and, for the most part, fun. However, when clicking on the "selective
adaptation" link accessed from the visual perception category, I must warn
those who are susceptible to migrain headaches to be careful. This one is an
eye shocker. The graphics may trigger a migraine. Since black and white images
zing my eyes, and, yes, trigger migraines, I did not review this section

Also, those who suffer from motion sickness, do not go into motion parallax!!!
This section is reserved for you daredevils! It looks great and fun; however, I
get dizzy riding in the back seat, so I quickly exited this section without

Now, remember, the main link from Merlot will take you directly to the "visual
perception" page, only; if you want to visit the other three main topics:
auditory, cognition, and memory (this one is currently under construction)--you
need to click "home" at the bottom of the page. This will give you access to
the previously mentioned links. And from this home page--Internet Psychology
Lab--you can find access to several other sources offering illusional and
perceptional sites.

So go for it, guys. Take a tour of this site and be prepared to stimulate your

But, remember, this site is not only fun, it has a wealth of information
incorporated within each section that is highly educational, and extremely
useful for both student and faculty.

Graphs, charts, diagrams, interactive experiments, research data; it's all in

Be prepared to spend a lot of time navigating this site. I spent over an hour
there, and did not even scratch the surface of what's offered.

Technical Remarks:

You will need RealTime Player and a Java compatible browser to successfully navigate this site. Some experiments were difficult to get up and running; however, for the majority, the pages changed quickly and the interactive projects ran smoothly.
Lisa Richard
Lisa Richard (Student)
21 years ago
I really liked this site..... enough to persue it with all the trouble I had
accessing it... some sort of technical glitch. It was very informative and
explained each "trick"
My eyes hurt afterwards though!

Technical Remarks:

Could not access this site right off the bat. I had to try lots of times over a
period of 4 days. I finally got in, thank heavens because it was definitely
worth it!!!!!!!!