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Animated Fiber Optic Cable

Animated Fiber Optic Cable

A description of and animated view of a fiber optic cable.


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Dr. Judy Ann Serwatka
17 years ago
Although advertised as "animated" there is very little animation in this site.
The small amount of animation, showing how a fiber optic cable converts signals
is useful. The drawings are very well done. This is a good addition to any
conversation on fiber optic cable
Used in course? Yes
david haring
david haring (Student)
19 years ago
The site seems shorts but used animation to help provide information on fiber
optic cable.

Victor Pantoja
Victor Pantoja (Student)
19 years ago
This is an interesting site on fiber optic technology. While there was not a lot
of information, it did clearly explain the advantages of fiber optics.

Technical Remarks:

The illustrations are very well done, and the animation depicting how light
travels through the cable was neat.
Martin Brown
Martin Brown (Student)
19 years ago
Excellent explanation of fiber optic technology.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to use with good links to other related information.
Nicole Gray
Nicole Gray (Student)
19 years ago
The site is informative on fiber optics with good visual aids, but reads like a
text book.
Tonda Johnson
Tonda Johnson (Student)
19 years ago
This site was not very long but it got it's point across with good infomation
and graphics. The animated one toward the end was exciting to see.
Nick Kaster
Nick Kaster (Student)
19 years ago
Very good site full of information, history, and useful links.

Technical Remarks:

Excellent use of illustrations.
Scott Goult
Scott Goult (Student)
19 years ago
This site does a really nice job of illustrating how fiber optics works. I
didn?t even know that it was developed in the ?50s.
Nirav Shah
Nirav Shah (Student)
19 years ago
It is short, but sweet. Overall site has very useful information. Also ease to use. Material to the point and effective to understand fiber optics. Diagram is very effective to understand some key concepts.
Heather Putigna
Heather Putigna (Administrator)
19 years ago
I really liked this site. It has a nice little overview of fiberoptic cables
with some very nice animations.
James Chapko
James Chapko (Student)
19 years ago
A short, but detailed tutorial about fiber(fibre?) optic cabling and its uses.
site also has a nifty animation detailing how light travels through the cabling.