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A chart that contains both ASCII and EBCDIC characters.


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Ronghua Shan
Ronghua Shan (Faculty)
14 years ago
This is a good reference material for conversion between ASCII and EBCDIC.
There is no tutorial available, it only contains an ASCII-EBCDIC chart with four
columns (Dec, Hex, ASCII, and EBCDIC).
Used in course? Yes
David Brown
David Brown (Staff)
14 years ago

As a quick look-up for ASCII to EBCDIC conversion this is a useful, well-laid out, complete, and accurate table.

As a learning object this page is not particularly useful because it does not provide a neophyte user with any explanations of the terminology and codes used. What, for example, would the term DLE Data Link Escape (CC) mean to someone unfamiliar with either ASCII or EBCDIC? Although the acromyms ASCII and EBCDIC are expanded upon, the links provided go to the parent sites ( and, for example) rather than to pages that would explain anything about ASCII and EBCDIC encoding. My low rating reflects the fact that little, if anything, can be learned from this page. As a reference source for comparing ASCII and EBCDIC encoding it is very well done.

Technical Remarks:

The links for URL encoding and
Quoted-Printable encoding near the top of the page are broken. The link labelled pdf for the web site results in a page that says that the product requested is not available.

Used in course? Yes
david haring
david haring (Student)
16 years ago
This site is just a reference someone would use for ascll and ebcdic.

Barbara Gaal
Barbara Gaal (Student)
16 years ago
The site is informative.
Martin Brown
Martin Brown (Student)
16 years ago
This chart show all of the required information. However, it does not give any
explanation to help with the information presented.
Victor Pantoja
Victor Pantoja (Student)
16 years ago
Works well as a quick reference for the two codes. Other than that, its a pretty
self explanatory site and not very exciting.
Tonda Johnson
Tonda Johnson (Student)
16 years ago
A plain site that just compares the two codes. The links to other sites at the
bottom of the page are in the same format.
Nick Kaster
Nick Kaster (Student)
16 years ago
Gets to the point. No real information besides a chart comparing ASCII and
EBCDIC codes side by side.
Nirav Shah
Nirav Shah (Student)
16 years ago
It is ordinary site, nothing exciting. It has useful side-by-side charts of
ASCII & EBCDIC. That?s the only thing site contain.
Heather Putigna
Heather Putigna (Administrator)
16 years ago
It is noting fancy. It just provides the what all the characters are in EBCIDIC
and ASCII. It is nice though how they are right next to each other in the
chart so that you can compare them.

Technical Remarks:

The first link what you enter the page does not work any more.
James Chapko
James Chapko (Student)
16 years ago
A no thrills chart that contains the conversions for decimal, Hex, ASCII, and
EBCDIC values. This is a very practical site containing useful information.