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ESL Through Music

ESL Through Music

This site provies articles, lesson plans and materials for ESL teachers who want to foster the acquisition of English through music.


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Kristin Codlin
Kristin Codlin (Student)
17 years ago
I spent about 45 minutes exploring lesson plans and utilizing the
teaching-learning activities.

Overall, this user-friendly website contained original and innovating ideas for
teaching English through music.

I would certainly use this site for future ESL classes and recommend it to any
professional working in the educational field.

Technical Remarks:

Lesson Plan- "Musical Chairs"; Beginner Level, any age; Focus on

Quality of Content:
Website- The website presents a wide array of material and some valid
lesson plans in relation to the learning of English through music.
However, one must be weary in choosing the right lesson plan to
implement for classroom use. It may be difficult to find the equal
balance of musical/language pedagogy. Music is simply used as a means
rather than as an additional content-oriented teaching concept in order to
enhance English vocabulary

Lesson Plan- The "Musical Chairs" lesson plan is an original concept
since the students are learning the vocabulary hands-on. Moreover, the
material is presented in a clear, effective manner.

Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching-Learning Tool:
Website- I believe that the website, in general, could certainly be used
as an effective teaching tool. I have yet to try out some of the actual
lesson plan demonstrations in a classroom environment. Of course,
adjustments and accomodations would need to be made.

Lesson Plan- As for the lesson plan, I believe that "Musical Chairs"
with the vocabulary could be used as an effective teaching tool since
the students are able to see and interact with the vocabulary words. The
music is simply a reinforcement to learn the new vocabulary. I believe
that it is next effective way to introduce vocabulary after TPR.

Ease of Use:
Website- Generally, the website is fairly user-friendly since it is
basically a point-and-click layout. What you see is what you get. When
you click on a particular icon, it does not bring you to a link that has
nothing to do with the material. The layout of the webpage is organized
and clear. However, some of the links lead you to a dead URL address.

Lesson Plan- "Musical Chairs" could easily be implemented in the
classroom; however, the teacher must plan strategically ahead of time.
When laying out the vocabulary words in a circle, the teacher should
utilize large pieces of paper with eye-catching print so that all
students are able to see the vocabulary words during the lesson
demonstration. In addition, the words should be evenly spaced out in a
semi-organized circle so that everyone has easy access to touch the
words when they are mentioned in the song. Vocabulary should be taught
in advance (via TPR), and students should have an idea of the lyrics to
the song. In addition, the teacher should choose a slower song with a
singer whose voice is clear.