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Greetings. TECHtionary is the world?s first animated dictionary on telecommunications, data networking and internet technology. We are pleased to announce that the Society of Cable Television Engineers A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION has selected TECHtionary as their technical dictionary/glossary. Show More


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Kevin Kurth
Kevin Kurth (Student)
18 years ago
I spent approxiamately 30 minutes reviewing the Techtionary site.

The material is presented in a very visual way. The pictures, video and
graphics really move the viewer from topic to topic very well. I thought the
quality of the material was very good.

This has potential for teaching and learning. It provides the reader with
pictures and videos of IT topics that a viewer cannot get in a textbook format.

The material was easy to use. However, it does take some time to load and run,
presumably because of the graphics. The text of the presentations sometimes
blended into the backgrounds making them a little difficult to read.

Technical Remarks:

The topics I reviewed seemed accurate and well-done.
Pehoski (Student)
18 years ago
After checking a few entries to determine the nature of the contents, I watched
a few of the "movies". The content is not laid out in a dictionary format, with
a definition of a term and alternative definitions, but rather a series of
pictures with texts describing associated terminology. Thus the name
"Techtionary" is a little misleading-- this is laid out more like an

Being familiar with most of the terminology presented, I found this site
presented an entertaining, animated look at some of the technical concepts
presented. However, those not familiar with the terminology are at a
disadvantage using this site-- while presenting itself as a "Techtionary"
(implying definitions of terminology will be found here), many terms and
especially acronyms are not defined at all.

This format has a lot of promise but in its current state it's either a work in
progress or incomplete.

Technical Remarks:

Selecting items from the left term index was tricky because moving the mouse
over other letters often put a new list there before an item could be picked.

Some "movies" were too "busy"-- too much visual content can distract from the
needed information.

A visible "Cancel" button would allow termination of a clip if the user found
this was not what they were looking for.

Overall, shows a great deal of expertise with the media was required, along with
artistic proficiency.
Gerald Jensen
Gerald Jensen (Student)
18 years ago
Site was well layed out and easy to navigate. Approximate time spent viewing was
15 minutes. A wide selection of topics were available for selection.

Although the graphics were well done in quality, the quantity seemed to be
overbearing. Animation was often provided where none was needed. Also, on some
screens, graphic loading appeared slow, even over T1 connection.

In general, I would like to see more depth on the topics, and a little less

Technical Remarks:

Information provided appeared to be accurate. Some topics were covered in
significant more depth than others. For example, NAT had little more than a
brief definition compared to more thorough discussions such as ATM.

Huafeng Wang
Huafeng Wang (Student)
18 years ago
It is a good animated learning web site on telecommunications, data networking
and internet technology. It's easy to read by using animations and textual
descriptions. I took about 40 min to view the website. The waiting time for the
animations was probably 5 min. So it should be better if there are no that many

Technical Remarks:

The website provides the knowledge about basic concepts about
telecommunications, data networking and Internet technology. It's a good
learning site for college students.

Calvino (Student)
18 years ago
I thought there was a great deal of valuable information out there. I spent
around 10 minutes looking through some of the different terms. I didn't have
any problem loading the graphics, but uderstand how some might. The only real
complaint I had, is that some of the screens went too fast for me to read the
info and take in the picture.

Technical Remarks:

Found many great terms out there, and even read up on some that pertain to the
final project. The graphics were nice, but became a bit overkill after awhile.
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang (Student)
18 years ago
It seems that the website has more
items than
Although maybe the website is the first and largest animated dictionary for some
technologies in the world, although it indeed has a lot of valuable
information, but I do not like it. Sorry, this is my personal opinion.
I spend about one hour to explore the whole website. Sometimes I enjoy the
animation rather than study the content. I think it should focus more on the
studing material rather than animation.

Technical Remarks:

The dictionary is not important to a college student who is studing in a
relevant major. Maybe it is more suitable to professionals.
The loading is too slow.
Evelyn Smith
Evelyn Smith (Student)
19 years ago
Very good with terms and definitions in the networking field.