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LiTgloss is a collection of literary texts written in languages other than English, and carefully annotated to facilitate reading by English-speaking students. Supplementary information and some sound files are available as well.


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Robert Bledsoe
Robert Bledsoe (Faculty)
13 years ago
This is a worthwhile project; one would like to see it expanded. I concur with most of the comments made previously. LitGloss includes significant texts that are difficult for most students to handle without some glossing. The glosses on the texts I explored were translations of words and phrases. Contextualization of specific passages would help. Each text needs to be explored separately by The instructor will want to evaluate each text individually, as the level and value of the glosses differs.

Technical Remarks:

I did not encounter a number of the technical problems noted earlier; however, I did encounter an occasional glitch on texts that were on multiple pages. Some of the links in the "Context" and "Resources" sections accompanying the texts have become broken.
Gonzalo Silverio
19 years ago
Good selection of texts and very nice concept: providing reading materials with
glosses. Would really benefit from wider use of contextualizations, background
info, etc. It would be an excellent group/collaboration project, with
specialists in each genre/language proposing texts, annotating, contextualizing,

Would be a good resource for intro to lit courses in the different languages.

Technical Remarks:

Same comments as previous user. Plus - there are several ways this could be made

Some glossed areas ran together with preceeding and/or following words.
Horst Kurz
Horst Kurz (Faculty)
20 years ago
This site is based on a useful project and has great potential. The set-up is
very straight-forward. It basically puts a library of foreign language texts
online with glosses being available but not in the way. Typically, annotations
are translations only. For the most part this is sufficient, but occasionally
explanations might be helpful.

Technical Remarks:

I encountered several problems, but they are not such that they prevent using
and enjoying the site altogether. Moreover, they can probably be addressed and
corrected easily:
- in certain instances, the annotations show up in varying spots on the screen
(sometimes at the margin or not at all; seems to depend on where the words and
cursor are);
- different display fonts are used for different texts; it might be more
effective if they were consistently the same base font; (I noticed that this
and the first item seem ot be related...glosses with texts in smaller fonts
appear to work fine);
- it seems most "about the text" buttons do not contain anything (yet); too bad
since this could be added easily;
- also, the four buttons on the frame all look the same...having to move the
mouse over them to get a hint seems somewhat counterintuitive and silly; why not
use icons?
- the texts load quite slowly (at least today...maybe this is only temporary);
- the left frame does not seem to renew consistently; an image that goes with
one text/author will stay for another (by another author);
- it appears (re)loading a page also reloads all frames/content, including the
"credits"--is that necessary? (should the credits be separate, to cut down load