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What is SimQuest? SimQuest is an authoring system for designing and creating simulation-based learning environments. SimQuest is especially suitable for designing dynamic, interactive, highly motivational discovery learning environments. The learning process associated with simulations is discovery learning. SimQuest learning environments include simulations of a system (or a process) and instructional support for learners. One of the main challenges for an author is to find a (new) balance between sufficient freedom for learners to regulate their own learning process and guidance of the discovery learning process. SimQuest provides the possibility for: -freedom by the use of simulations (of e.g., a process, a procedure, or equipment); - guidance by the use of instructional measures (monitoring tool, model progression, assignments, explanations) which are especially made to trigger and support discovery learning processes; - a control system to tune the level of control (learner or system initiative). Simquest won the EASA 2000 award (European Academic Software Award). For educational use, SimQuest is freeware. At the SimQuest site is more information about the software, some products made with SimQuest and more pedagogic background information. WARNING: Although the information on the web site says otherwise: it is NOT a tool for an average teacher or student (Although it is easier to use then normal Program language then Visual Basic, Pascal or other). It is more a tool for professional designers of digital educational material. The examples on the site are all made by publishers or larger projects of University students specialised in Instructional Technology. We have plans to use SimQuest in interdisciplinary projects were IT students and Teacher Education students participate.


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Tracey Jensen
Tracey Jensen (Faculty)
19 years ago
1. Time Spent: 15 minutes
2. Content Quality: Descriptions of what the package can do and examples are
provided. The student can make adjustments to parameters in the package and see
the effect of these changes in the simulation. A good resource for
incorporating a visual component.
3. Teaching Effectiveness: This package is geared toward making a concept easier
to understand through visualization.
4. Ease of Use: Easy to follow links and downloads.

Technical Remarks:

The user will need to download the application and manual (no cost).
Used in course? Yes