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Call option game

Call option game

Short game to demonstrate how call options work. Need Shockwave 8 Player.


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Susan Moncada
Susan Moncada (Faculty)
21 years ago
Catalogued at Nova Online, this simulation teaches user about European style
stock options trading. Terms are defined and concepts built progessively.
Players have $100,000 to invest by purchasing call options for three companies.
Help features make the game easy to use. Options may be purchased or exercised
in two week intervals with feedback provided for the value of the portfolio
created. A performance summary is given the the end of the game with a
disclaimer acknowledging that the game is a simplification of options trading
intended to provide the user with only a flavor of the process. Nevertheless,
user will grasp the basics of options trading in a very short time whether used
as an in-class demonstration or a self-study tool.