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Using Vectors

Using Vectors

Simple applet for demonstrating the adding of up to four vectors.


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John Burger
John Burger (Student)
22 years ago
I have visited several sights with the similar purpose of illustrating vector
addition, but this one seems to really help you visualize the process.
Kara Morgan
Kara Morgan (Student)
22 years ago
This is a really good site to help you understand vectors.
Dara Clayton
Dara Clayton (Student)
22 years ago
Very nice job. A nice applet for adding vectors.
Mason Cole
Mason Cole (Student)
22 years ago
I was very impressed with this site. If it weren't for the fact that it was a
little slow, this site would have been completely perfect. I especially liked
the "adding four vectors" part! --MJC
Shirley Sung
Shirley Sung (Student)
22 years ago
Good site. S.S.
Luke Boyer
Luke Boyer (Student)
22 years ago
The best site I have yet to see, although the arrows get stuck on occasion.
Four vector option is very nice.

TC Kida
TC Kida (Student)
22 years ago
Good at showing vector addition of several (up to 4) vectors, but it seems to
take up a lot of cpu, so your cursor tends to disappear, and it is difficult to
manipulate the vectors. Awesome with what its meant to show, though
Jaime Hale
Jaime Hale (Student)
22 years ago
The site was helpful and impressive.
John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
22 years ago
The most useful vector applet I have found for teaching.