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Uniform Circular/SHO Motion

Uniform Circular/SHO Motion

Clearly displays the relationship between circular motion, the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator, and the plot of a sine wave. Extensive explanatory text included.


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Luke Boyer
Luke Boyer (Student)
20 years ago
This applet is easy to use and understand. It shows the relationship of sine
waves and circular motion very well.
Mason Cole
Mason Cole (Student)
20 years ago
I thought this web applet was fairly good at demonstrating the relationship
between spring oscillation and wave graphs. It was very clear and easy to
understand. My only real complaint is that I think you couldn't change the
variables as much as I would have like. Other than that, good job.
John Burger
John Burger (Student)
20 years ago
I only spent 10 minutes using this applet. It explains the basic ideas behind
SHO. I am using it as a student and have found that it is helpful and
instructive. The program was very self explanatory, but also had instructions
that were easy to follow . . . in a different language, but easy to follow
(Luckily I study Spanish).
Dara Clayton
Dara Clayton (Student)
20 years ago
A very nice illustration showing how circular motion, spring motion, and sine
waves are related. The applet is simple to use and understand.
jason Ting
jason Ting (Student)
20 years ago
This is a very good site to view simple harmonic motion. The applet is very easy
to use, even though it is in espanol.
Ashley Ferra
Ashley Ferra (Student)
20 years ago

Technical Remarks:

This applet made it very clear to see how a spring has simple harmonic
oscilatory motion (SHO). The applet was very helpful in seeing the relationship
between waves and the SHO of a spring.
Jennifer Spellmeyer
20 years ago
The fact that you could "physically" change conditions of the spring allowed for
a "hands on" experience and therefore was easy to understand. It would be
improved, however, if the applet were able to run two different situations at
the same time, making it easier to see the differences between the different
perameters put onto the system. At times it was hard to remember what the
previous situation looked like, and therefore would be helpful if we could see
them at the same time. Overall, I liked the site and found it useful.
TC Kida
TC Kida (Student)
20 years ago
Basic description of the relationship between the motion of a spring and the
sine wave. It is nice to see the effects of changing variables on the circle,
the spring, and the sine wave, showing how they are related. Also, it doesn't
take forever to complete a run.
William Atkins
William Atkins (Student)
20 years ago
Excellent demonstration of relating SHO (simple harmonic oscillation) to
periodic (sine) waves and circular motion. Also clearly demonstrates how
changing the amplitude, frequency, and/or phase of the wave function changes the
way in which the SHO system behaves.
Jaime Hale
Jaime Hale (Student)
20 years ago
I spent about 10 min playing around with the applet for a class
assignment(learning activity). The quality of the site was great. It helped me
understand some basic concepts more clearly. The applet was also quite simple
to use.
Michelle Pinson
Michelle Pinson (Student)
20 years ago
This applet was easy to use and helpful in understanding the relationship
between rotational motion, spring movement, and sine waves.
Ryan Dennis
Ryan Dennis (Student)
20 years ago
A good explanation of how oscillatory motion relates to circular motion and the
sine wave.
John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
20 years ago
A very nice, clean demonstration of the relationship between a sine wave and circular motion. Highly recommended.