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Slim Chtourou

Slim Chtourou


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Teaching Experience

  • Electric Circuits Lab (Current)
    • King Faisal University, College of Engineering – Ohm's law, kirchoff laws, superposition theorem, mesh & nodal analysis, theveinin, RLC circuit
  • Micro informatics & technlogies lab (Fall 2016)
    • National Engineering School of Sfax – Hardware, micro computers programming, Arduino, IOIO, Raspberry Pi
    • Micro Informatics focuses on initiating students to the basics of hardware and software. this course contains 4 labs: that docus on PC a& laptops and we discover also different boards: Arduino, IOIO & Raspberry Pi
  • Electronics and Digital Circuits (Fall 2015)
    • International Institute of Technology – logic systems, programming PIC, Arduino
    • Electronics and digital circuits initiates students to microcontrollers and how to program them, it provides also simulation tools to test designed circuits in the virtual World


  • Arabic
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior
  • English
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior
  • French
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior

Honors & Awards

  • IEEE Enterprise award (02/2013)


  • Lecturer (10/2017 – Current) King Faisal University, College of Engineering
  • adjunct lecturer (09/2016 – 08/2017) National Engineering School of Sfax
  • Adjunct Lecturer (01/2017 – 06/2017) Superior Iinstitute of Informatics and Multimedia at Gabès