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Welcome to the MERLOT Psychology Portal! The Psychology collection provides access to nearly 20 different types of materials (including online texts and online courses) across 15 psychology disciplines. The MERLOT Psychology Editorial Board manages the collection and oversees a peer review process that evaluates the applicability of the materials within the collection. We invite you to explore all that our collection has to offer. Our Board strives to review every Learning Object (LO) submitted for review. We have a multi-level review process for each LO, and use a standardized review form in assessing all LOs submitted to the Psychology collection. 

Catherine Honig, Ph.D., Editor -  National Louis University

Julie Evey, Ph.D., Associate Editor -- Kent State University, Geauga

Jean Mandernach, Ph.D., Associate Editor -- Grand Canyon University

Sherri Restauri, Ph.D., Associate Editor -- Coastal Carolina University




Social psychologist Mary Kite (Professor of Social Psychology at Ball State University) and 21 students have joined forces to create AHAA--the Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates. The AAHA mission follows. 

We are dedicated to breaking the habit of prejudice and discrimination. We are working together to overcome these social issues by spreading awareness of the problem, establishing harmony between groups, and promoting acceptance of differences. 

AHAA's Breaking the Prejudice Habit Website documents the AAHA journey and presents a wealth of information that college instructors can use to explore, confront, and discuss wide-ranging contemporary social issues and challenges. Awareness harmony acceptance advocates explain that some of our behaviors, including prejudice and discrimination, are habits and as such can be changed. 

The collection includes information on prejudice including how to speak up, how to be an agent for change, along with many teaching resources useful for anyone regardless of their field of study.


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