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Visual representation w/sound of binary (base-2) ripple counting, to match a Hinu Arabic (base-10) number.

Machine Learning is one of the ten free courses being offered to the public through Stanford Engineering Everywhere. The... see more

Java software for displaying 3D chemistry. Since OpenSource excellent for extension in programming classes.

LogicSim provides a virtual "breadboard" where you can design and simulate digital logic circuits with logic gates like... see more

The Open Source Physics (OSP) project seeks to create and distribute curricular material for physics computation and... see more

The remote lecture consists of video lectures, an FPGA remote lab and source code in C and VHDL. With the lecture you... see more

A very useful & illustrative introduction to fuzzy logic !

The goal of this site is to visualize the mathematical structure behind M.C. Escher's picture called "Print Gallery"... see more

This AndroidTM Notes for Professionals book is compiled from Stack Overflow Documentation, the content is written by the... see more

An example of how to calculate linear regression line using least squares. A step by step tutorial showing how to develop... see more

Extensive compendium of websites, categorized into general resources, journal websites, societies and organizations, and... see more

Open source machine learning and data visualization for novice and expert. Interactive data analysis workflows with a... see more

This is an online demo in Flash to show how to use Hamming code for error correction.

The premise of this book is to let the data sets lead the student along a path of discovery throughout the world of data... see more is designed to identify institutions and faculty actively engaged in research across a number of areas of... see more

Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) supports the proactive sharing of open data to make information... see more

This module introduces the basic concepts and techniques of neural computation, and its relation to automated learning in... see more

The "Peer Community in" (PCI) is a non-profit scientific organization that aims to create specific communities of... see more

This course addresses several fundamental Neuroscience issues from an Engineering viewpoint: How the brain works from... see more

This is a video illustrating the maxflow-mincut theorem.

JBioFramework (JBF) is a set of simulations of three different chemical separations applications (ion exchange... see more

Obblog2. Logic construction toybox. To explain binary logic, and truth tables. Binary logic simulator. It allows to keep... see more

Discussion of a simulator to model multiprocessors using Instruction Level Parallelism. How and why it came to be.

This is a presentation which is involved with some topics as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Psychoacoustics and... see more