Learning Exercise

Biomes-Interactive Lecture

This is designed as an in-class activity in which students are asked to predict which biomes would be present at a different location based on the temperature and precipitation.
Course: Introductory Biology

Short descriptions of terrestrial biomes. Each description contains general characteristics and organisms found in that... see more


This is used in lecture, the students are given a handout and slides of various biomes are projected. The students are then asked to predict which variables determine the location of a biome and to represent this graphically. The graphs are then collected and projected. A separate web tutorial can be used before or after class to reinforce these concepts. We give average data for several specific locations. Another option would be to give a range of temperatures and precipitations for each biome, to generate a more general graph. The materials are at the following link.



Learning Objectives

Students should learn how to create a model to explain data and then use that model to make predictions.