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Mission:  Biomes

Mission: Biomes

Short descriptions of terrestrial biomes. Each description contains general characteristics and organisms found in that biome. The site contains two interactive games for students using the data and graphs provided within the site. The site is part of NASA's Earth Observatory project.


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Mahmood Nikbakhtzadeh
1 year ago
This NASA website provides a good overview of different biomes on Earth. It comes along with an interactive map which is so helpful in memorizing where every biome is located and two matching games about the annual pattern of temperature and precipitation in various biomes and the type of vegetation in each biome. I believe those two matching games are very encouraging to students and help them learn the subject better. It is the COVID-19 time and all classes are virtual; therefore, this learning tool is so appropriate for our remote classes.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 min
Harriet Mathews
Harriet Mathews (Faculty)
10 years ago

Great summaries of 7 terrestrial Biomes with a matching 'game' set for beginners and more advanced users.  I might try this with 10th grade honors students to see if they 'get' the climatographs and remember how to apply what we have been learning about temperatures and precipitation in the different ecosystems.

Marcela Ruelas
Marcela Ruelas (Student)
13 years ago
This website engages students in their learning about Biomes. The interactive games are a great to reinforce the students learning and helpful for ELL students.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 15 min.
Dr. Troy Tenhet
Dr. Troy Tenhet (Faculty)
15 years ago
I've used this one before. I think I may have this posted among my MA resources for NASA RESOURCE DRIVEN INSTRUCTION. I love the vocab content. It works great with my EL students.
Used in course? Yes