Learning Exercise

Learning Style Questionnaire

This on-line survey can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style.

This is an on-line survey that can be taken to determine your preferred Learning Style. see more


1. Take the Learning Style questionnaire and print out your results.

2. Read about your learning style as well as other types from the material provided on the website.

3. In your student team, share the results of your learning style with your peers. Do the results of the learning style questionnaire seem valid to you? How do you characterize the way that you learn? What do you think is your greatest strenght as a learner? What is your greatest weakness? How does your learning style differ from your peers? From your instructor?

4. How can you benefit from these differences in learning styles as identified in the previous question?

4. How can you compensate for your weaknesses in learning styles? What sorts of learning experiences and situations would challenge you?




Could be used at any college level

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

1. To determine your preferred learning style.
2. To appreciate and understand the learning styles of other students on my team and class.
3. To gain an understanding of how I can broaden my learning style by engaging in situations that stretch me in areas where I need to develop strengths.