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Algebra Resources

Algebra2go is a free unrestricted collection of pre-algebra and algebra related study materials designed to address the affective dimensions of student learning.

Collection Content

  • Algebra2go: An Online Supplemental Instruction Tool Array
  • S.O.S. Mathematics--Algebra
    A collection of review materials for algebra, including sample exercises and detailed solutions.
  • Algebra Study Guide with Videos
    Algebra Study Guide with Videos (Reference Material)
    This site is the parent site of an extensive collection of interactive mathematics authored by Alexander Bogomolny and... More
  • Interactive Mathematics--Arithmetic/Algebra
    This site contains an extensive collection of java applets involving arithmetic and algebra miscellany and puzzles.... More
  • Algebra Tiles- NLVM
    Algebra Tiles- NLVM (Simulation)
    Applet introduces algebra tiles model for multiplying and factoring expressions.
  • West Texas A&M Virtual Math Lab / College Algebra Tutorial
    50+ tutorials on topics in College Algebra, including prerequisite topics, practice tests and answer keys.
  • Quick Math - Automatic Math Solutions
    This assignment will get the solutions to the many problems you do in an elementary algebra course. The procuder is not... More