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My Research project

Gives me good sources to help me write my thesis. One example is a site with different teaching styles which gives me ideas for comparing different into classrooms. Offers links to different teaching styles as well as a multitude of sources

Collection Content

  • Explorations in Learning and Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Debate
    Different teaching methods that are implemented into classrooms and evaluations of them
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques
    Examples of CATs are provided at this site. Classroom assessment is a simple method faculty can use to collect feedback,... More
  • California Ed-data
    California Ed-data (Reference Material)
    GREAT SITE TO OBTAIN DEMOGRAPHIC INFO Includes data about demographics, data on dropouts, graduates, and graduates with... More
  • Science Questions: NAEP the Nation's Report Card
    Gives me statistics at the national level of different age groups as far as science proficiency
  • Instructional Design and Learning Theory
    This paper provides basic background information about behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism and a discussion of... More
  • Edutopia Online
    Edutopia Online (Collection)
    SECONDARY SOURCE Publication of the George Lucas Educational Foundation that documents and disseminates stories about... More
  • Cognitive Development and Intelligence
    This site has links to Piagetian thoughts on cognitive development as well asVygotsky, general info, intelligence... More