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Metacognitive Materials for Students

Materials to help students improve their study skills and understand their learning styles.

Collection Content

  • READI - Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator
    Inventory to assess which students might be at risk for failure in online courses. Costs the institution money after the... More
  • Student Learning Styles
    Student Learning Styles (Reference Material)
    Tips for teaching that reaches students with all personality types (based on Myers-Briggs categories). Might be useful... More
  • Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence
    Site with inventories for learning styles as well as multiple intelligences. Inventories here seem to be short--pop-up... More
  • Learning Styles Questionnaire
    Another online survey allowing students to assess their preferred learning style and providing results with suggestions... More
  • The Active Learning Site with VARK Learning Styles Inventory
    VARK Learning Styles inventory to help students identify their learning styles and understand study techniques related... More
  • Index of Learning Styles
    Online quiz that assesses students' preferred learning style and gives them information about that style.
  • Study Skills Help!
    Study Skills Help! (Tutorial)
    Nancy McTaggart's study skills tutorial site. Leads students through a series of simple self-report diagnostic questions... More
  • Concept Map Software (CMAP) Version 3
    Software that might be useful in helping visual learners plan their writing or organize class material into summary... More
  • Techniques for Skillful Reading
    Site with guidelines about how to read effectively (SQ3R, marking up text, etc.). Can direct students having reading... More