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5-minute eClips and Brief Hybrid Workshops

An "eClip" is a pre-recording produced as a single computer file. It may include a variety of media elements: sound, images, text, etc. A "brief hybrid workshop" is an activity usually less than 15 minutes that includes the use of one or more Internet-accessible eClips AND some other files, activities, documents, plans, guidelines, etc. It is intended to help a group of people produce or learn how to do something useful to them. Participants usually interact with each other and with a leader/presenter/facilitator during the activity. Steve Gilbert from the TLT Group is leading an effort to develop eClips and Brief Hybrid Worshops. See:

Collection Content

  • Always Check the Cables
    Always Check the Cables (Presentation)
    A funny story regarding helping individuals use technology and the importance of clarity of instructions.
  • Top Ten Objections to Assessment
    This presentation is designed for those who designing assessment workshops or working with others on accreditation... More
  • Exploring the Educational Potential of Second Life
    A short, narrated slide presentation on the virtual 3-D world of Second Life
  • Getting your Colleagues Excited about Google Docs and Technology
    A short, narrated slide presentation on promoting Google Docs and technology in general
  • PowerPoint to YouTube using Windows Movie Maker
    A brief, less than 5 minute, video clip describing how to use Windows Movie Maker to create a narrated PowerPoint file... More
  • Interpreting Written Feedback from Students
    A 5-minute, narrated PowerPoint by Todd Zakrajsek which describes a technique to help make sense of end of the semester... More
  • Tips for the Hybrid Workshop
    A four-minute, narrated PowerPoint by Todd Zakrajsek discussing strategies for creating brief hybrid workshops.
  • Embeding Resources in Wikis
    A less than 2 minute video tutorial on how to embed media in a wiki using HTML code from a Web host service.
  • Intro to 5-Minute Clips & Hybrid Workshops
    A 5-minute eClip about 5-minute eClips and 5-minute workshops
  • Producing & Publishing First eClips
    A combination of written and online resources to enable you to produce your first, simple Web-accessible "eClip" as... More
  • Using Google Docs & Spreadsheets to Facilitate Virtual Collaboration
    Narrated 5 minute workshop that includes slides, speaker notes, attachments to relevant resources. Topics covered... More
  • Virtual Office Hours
    Virtual Office Hours (Presentation)
    A five-minute narrated PowerPoint on suggested ways to maintain faculty-student contact, especially for classes taught... More
  • Social Networking in Plain English
    This 2-minute video is for people who wonder why social networking sites are so popular. They propose that one reason is... More
  • A Vision of Students Today
    A short video summarizing some of the most important characteristics of students today - how they learn, what they need... More
  • Posting Narrated PowerPoint Slides on YouTube
    A five-minute narrated PowerPoint on how to post narrated PowerPoint slides on You Tube.
  • Creating Classroom Connections
    Dr. Joseph Trimble organizes his seminars and small classes to build on people's fundamental need to connect with... More
  • Using a Microphone with a Computer
    Many people using online webinars have difficulty setting up a microphone. This video is intended to give simple... More
  • Virtual Social Worlds and the Future of Learning
    A 10-minute video describing the 7 Sensibilities that Differentiate Virtual Social Worlds from other interactive media... More
  • Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT)
    A five minute video clip on Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) with an example of its use in Economics.
  • Three Ways to get to Three Quarters
    This 5-minute video is a description of a new way to think about delivering content to faculty for faculty development... More
  • Educational Uses of Second Life
    A 7-minute video which gives an overview of educational uses of Second Life including educational locations, tools, and... More
  • Google  Docs in Plain English
    A 3-minute video on Google Docs showing how to create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.
  • Large classes: limiting the chaos
    Large classes: limiting the chaos (Reference Material)
    A 14 minute video on the problems that both students and faculty face in large classes and several solutions to making... More
  • Education in Second Life: Explore the Possibilities
    A 6-minute overview video about Second Life and how educators may be able to use it in their classes.
  • Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life
    A short video which provides a brief overview of science and research education in Second Life, highlighting Science... More
  • Introduction to Second Life
    A 4-minute video which provides an introduction to Second Life. Meant as an explanation for people from the business... More
  • Learning Styles
    Learning Styles (Presentation)
    A 3-minute video which introduces the concept of learning styles. Study strategies for various learning styles are... More
  • Podcasting in Plain English
    This 2-minute video provides a brief introduction to and explanation of podcasting and how it works.