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  • Assessment: Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Learning for All Students
    Great resource to share with Diane
  • Learning Objects Portal
    Great intro to Learning Objects to use for workshops
  • How People Learn, a National Academy Press book
    This online book presents a contemporary account of the principles of learning. It provides an authoritative and... More
  • Learning Objects
    Learning Objects (Reference Material)
    Comprehensive web page includes: (a) characterizations of "learning objects" (b) links to "Global Studies" and other... More
  • Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How?
    RUBRICS: A fulltext version of Moskal's article about "Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How?" from the online journal,... More
  • TILT - Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
    Interactive tutorial which will prepare the user to effectively research library resources and the Internet.
  • Concept Map Software (CMAP) Version 3
    The IHMC Concept Mapping Software empowers users to construct, navigate, share, and criticize knowledge models... More
  • Plagiarism: The Crime of Intellectual Kidnapping
    Very useful for 621, 619 and fac workshops
  • The Brain from Top to Bottom!
    Brilliant site on the brain. Useful resource to showcase when showing MERLOT or studying memory, etc.
  • The Jigsaw Classroom:  A co-operative learning technique
  • Index of Learning Styles
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing
    Full of great tutorials. This website provides everything from the basic parts of speech all the way to the... More
  • Regression Tutorial: Correlation
    WMU Stats class Linear Regression!!
  • Against All Odds
    Against All Odds (Presentation)
    More Stats tutorials