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  • Shoulder Palpation Tutorial
  • Screening Physical Exam
    Screening Physical Exam (Presentation)
  • Hand Injuries in Athletics
    Online version of Dr. Dale Snead's Hand Injuries in Athletics Presentation given at National Athletic Trainers'... More
  • Infectious Disease Lecture Handouts
  • Knee Injury Scenario for Athletic Trainers
    The Knee Injury Scenario leads the student athletic trainer through the injury evaluation process. This is a complete... More
  • Lumbar Spine Pain in Athletics
    An interactive, multimedia presentation, this website uses text, simulations, and photographs to explain and illustrate... More
  • eSims
    eSims (Simulation)
    Athletic Training web based simulations to help students with the management of athletic health care situations.... More
  • Advanced Athletic Training - Designing Rehabilitation
    This is a web-based lecture used in an Advanced Athletic Training course. The primary objective of this course is to... More
  • Infectious Diseases: Pathology and Return To Activity Considerations For Certified Athletic Trainers
    Online version of ?Infectious Diseases: Pathology and Return To Activity Considerations For Certified Athletic Trainers?... More
  • Ocular and Orbital Pathologies
    Online version of "Ocular and Orbital Pathologies" presentation given at National Athletic Trainers' Association Annual... More
  • Neurological Eye Simulator
    A training simulator for medical students designed to show the effects of damage to different eye muscles and nerves on... More
  • Presentation Skills
    Presentation Skills (Tutorial)
    This site presents presentation skills for business, sales, and training - oral and multimedia.
  • Virtual Labs Interactive Physiology Library
    Pretty good anatomy module with diagrams and corresponding dissections.
  • The Auscultation Assistant
    Use this in KIN 405
  • Knee Injuries
    Knee Injuries (Tutorial)
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology
    Use in KIN 405
  • Actin-myosin crossbridge animation
  • Cranial Nerves
    Cranial Nerves (Presentation)
  • What is Meningitis?
    What is Meningitis? (Presentation)
  • Precise Neurological Exam
  • Online Tutorials(Health Science)
    This has LOTS of tutorials on various subjects
  • Health Topics A-Z
    Health Topics A-Z (Reference Material)
  • Conflict Resolution Style
    Conflict Resolution Style (Presentation)
    Use in KIN 404