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In this textbook the focus will be on the bacteria and archaea (traditionally known as the “prokaryotes,”) and the viruses and other acellular agents.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Introduction to Microbiology
  2. Microscopes
  3. Cell Structure
  4. Bacteria: Cell Walls
  5. Bacteria: Internal Components
  6. Bacteria: Surface Structures
  7. Archaea
  8. Introduction to Viruses
  9. Microbial Growth
  10. Environmental Factors
  11. Microbial Nutrition
  12. Energetics & Redox Reactions
  13. Chemoorganotrophy
  14. Chemolithotrophy & Nitrogen Metabolism
  15. Phototrophy
  16. Taxonomy & Evolution
  17. Microbial Genetics
  18. Genetic Engineering
  19. Genomics
  20. Microbial Symbioses
  21. Bacterial Pathogenicity
  22. The Viruses


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