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Math Open Reference

Math Open Reference

A free online interactive geometry textbook.  The site has two primary audiences:  teachers using the animations in class with a projector to demonstrate geometry concepts, and students who need a reference source when the teacher is not around. 

The scope of the site is all geometry concepts up to and including high school and college general ed. 

Each topic has a java applet that both animates the concepts and allows the user to interact with it to gain a deeper understanding.   The idea is to go beyong what a static paper textbook can offer, and make the content more available without carrying heavy books everywhere.


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C Lee
C Lee (Student)
4 years ago

I stumbled upon this website before I found it on Merlot. It is a great site. Simple, easy to use, great explanation! I really appreciate the time and effort Mr. Page has put into making it possible.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Andrea Watley
Andrea Watley (Student)
10 years ago
This site is awesome! I spent about 40 minutes on here. It has just about any and everything you'd like to know about geometry. Each category, (some with sub categories,) have excellent definitions that are straight forward and easy to understand. It also has interactive pictures for there examples that you can manipulate; great for visual learners like myself. In addition, there are formula's, and calculations to show how to solve a certain problem, as well as history facts of famous geometers; (if one should be interested.) This site also provides a great index so you can quickly find your specific subject matter. I would highly recommend this site for any students learning, and/or interested in geometry. I only wish I knew about this site previously when I attended high school, it would have been a great help.

Technical Remarks:

Software very easy to use. One click of the mouse to whatever subject that your interested in, and moving the cursor to manipulate the pictures that are up for example.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes