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Voice Thread allows a creator to upload a picture and then create asynchronous discussion which can be oral or typewritten. There is also which is for the K-12 learning environment.


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Christine Draper
Christine Draper (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
1 year ago
Interactive tool that encourages engagement with videos. The tool/app is straightforward to use and will require minimal support for students to be able able to utilize this effectively within a course. Instructors should note there is a fee associated with this tool and that the individual instructor license only covers 50 students. Additionally the application supports screen reader capability and allows for captions to be uploaded manually but institutions have to subscribe for additional service to have captions generated automatically, This tool/app could be used effectively throughout the course but would need some initial prompting/questions from the instructor for students to know when/how to engage. Due to the interactivity with this tool/app, users experiences with media content engagement would be improved and they would be able to easily see where other students are struggling or are making content connections with the media.
Used in course? Yes
Brittany Davis
Brittany Davis (Student)
9 years ago

This is a fantastic resource for encouraging group participation! The ease of use makes it non-intimidating for beginners. The site is streamless and very well done.

Used in course? Yes
Linda Kennemore
Linda Kennemore (Student)
9 years ago

The presentation held the viewers interest. Quick and to the point.

Technical Remarks:

Loved the animation in th presentation. Very good use of technique and explanation of things going on.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 10 min.
Dana Booker
Dana Booker (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

you need to learn what Voice Thread is all about.

Their main focus is to bring people a cutting-edge experience with digital technology and media. Voice Thread can be used in education, business, or for everyday use at home. On their website you will find very detailed descriptions of how to create and edit voicethreads, how to troubleshoot problems, accessability, privacy & security, account types, purchasing, and more. 

As I navigated my way through the website and created my own account I felt confident due to the fact that they have easy to follow language and instructions along with videos that walk you through the various ways to create your own Voicethreads.They also provide the users with various manuals, brochures, websites, and publications to walk you through the process of getting started with Voice Thread and how to work on or share any project you complete.

People of all ages can use Voicethread, and it has multiple communication modes which is great for use in a special education classroom like mine. You can type comments into your Voicethread, or you can use a microphone to add audio text if you like. Giving people multiple methods of communication is one of the biggest reasons I chose to use it in my classroom. 

My students are successful using Voice Thread, and it has been an engaging and motivating way to help them learn. I use Voice Thread to enhance my lessons by either creating videos or slideshows that relate to a topic we are learning about, or I create discussion boards where my students can communicate and discuss a lesson or unit we have done.

Voice Thread is such a versatile tool, and I would recommend it to any educator I knew who was looking to enhance their lessons and offer students multiple ways of communication and learning. Voice Thread is free to sign up and share, which is another reason why it is great to use in the classroom.

As an educator and an educational technology student I would highly recommend looking into Voice Thread and finding out more information.Through my Graduate Degree Program for Educational Technology, I have learned about many new online tools to use in the classroom; Voice Thread being one of them.

Voice Thread's easy to navigate website is appealing to the eye with multiple visual images and clearly deatiled links that provide you with the information

Technical Remarks:

This website and product are easy to use, free, and provide multiple uses for educators and students.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 3 hours of personal time+ multiple hours of use in the classroom
David Wicks
David Wicks (Faculty)
11 years ago

VoiceThread is an excellent tool for student reflections. Students can choose to create a video, audio, or text-based comment to address an instructor's prompt.  It has been my experience that most students will try the audio but prefer text, maybe because they do not like the sound of their voice. Some professors use it instead of asynchronous discussion forums, but I don't think this is a good use as it is difficult to respond to another student's post because the comments aren't organized by threads.

Technical Remarks:

Works on Macs, PCs and iOS devices. Microphones and webcams are recommended but not required.

Time spent reviewing site: 60 minutes
norbert boruett
norbert boruett (Health Care Professional)
12 years ago
Simply fantastic, the material is useful and really captures the power of voice thread.You can use it on any field. I see potential in training health workers

Technical Remarks:

Basic ICT skills
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Jane Moore
Jane Moore (Faculty)
14 years ago
This is an excellent tool for allowing comments from students on a photograph or other art object. It would provide an excellent start to a class discussion in either an online or face-to-face environment.