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Adaptation: A Way of Life, Plant and Animal Desert Adaptations

Adaptation: A Way of Life, Plant and Animal Desert Adaptations

Here you can find various activities and lesson plans to help teach students about how animals and plants are able to adapt to a desert and its dry environment. It is an excellent tool for learning about the characteristics that living organisms have developed through-out time for the preservation of moisture and environment protection, and therefore being able to exist in extremely high temperatures....

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Corrine Hinkle
Corrine Hinkle (Student)
11 years ago

I Found this resource very helpful because it links literature with science. It also includes many activities as well as ways to extend those activities. It has a few worksheets as well. I just wish it included California standards, not just Arizona standards.

Kelley Johnson
Kelley Johnson (Student)
12 years ago
I found this resource to be very helpful. The lessons are very detailed and seem easy to use in the classroom as part of a unit on adaptations. Also they are all very hands on, giving students real life experiences and allowing for inquiry based science. I think students would really enjoy them, especially since they focus on local plants and animals the students see daily. Lastly, I really like the extension activity of having students create their own desert creature. It is a good way to assess student learning and also incorporate language into science.

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elizabeth dobrota
elizabeth dobrota (Student)
12 years ago
I think students will enjoy the activities provided in the lessons. The activities are helpful for students to understand how animals and plants react and adapt to the desert heat. The extension activity to create their own desert animal or plant will be fun for them and even a good way for the teacher to assess their understanding.

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