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Making Computer Science and Engineering

Making Computer Science and Engineering

This website is a lesson plan to help teachers make computer science and engineering fun for students.  By stating the problem and need for making CSE fun, letting teachers know how it relates to real-world situations, and giving 4 objectives (performing skills, recalling facts, identifing concepts, & applying principles)

This lesson plan will also have content of basic ideas to make CSE more interesting for students. ...

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Marcus Clark
Marcus Clark (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

The lesson looks at the need to make computer science and engineering more exciting to students. Technology is growing and changing everyday which and students need to be able to keep up. Four instructional objectives are reached during the lesson. They include performing skills, recalling facts, indentifyng concepts and applying pricniciples. The lesson strengthens the students ablility to collaborate within groups, promote creativity and independent thinking. The intended audience is elementary through high school who will be able to communicate through a safe social place by the name of Edmodo. In this lesson, students will need access to a school computer or home computer, CAD software, and access to email, google docs, and the internet.

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