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People's Physics Book Version 3 (with Videos)

This is a free, online physics textbook offered by CK-12 Foundation. Although designed for high school students, it could also be used with college freshmen. The table of contents includes: 1. Units and Problem Solving 2. Energy Conservation 3. One-Dimensional Motion 4. Two-Dimensional and Projectile Motion 5. Newton's Laws 6. Centripetal Forces 7. Momentum Conservation 8. Energy and Force 9. Rotational Motion 10. Simple Harmonic Motion 11. Wave Motion and Sound 12. Electricity 13. Electric Circuits: Batteries and Resistors 14. Magnetism 15. Electric Circuits: Capacitors 16. Electric Circuits: Advanced Topics 17. Light 18. Fluids 19. Thermodynamics and Heat Engines 20. Special and General Relativity 21. Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics 22. Standard Model of Particle Physics 23. Feynman... Show More


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