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StAIR - Mungry is Hungry for Excel

This is a Stand-Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR) project which integrates skills in math (simple math operations, tables, and charts), reading (poetry), and technology (computer use, video embedding, Excel2007 with macros, and PowerPoint2007).

Its interactive features enable the learner to: - navigate to the different pages of the presentation. - open an Excel workbook that allows the user to learn the skills in using tables and...

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Maria "Kit" Fishell
11 years ago


1. Please take note that you will be downloading a zipped file which contains a folder with three files: PowerPoint show, Hungry Mungry movie, and the Excel workbook with macros.

2. Extract/unzip the mfishell_HungryMungry folder from the zipped file and save it on your computer or desktop.

3. Please do not open the PowerPoint show in the zipped folder. If you do, the show will not link to the Excel table nor will link back to the show.

4. Open the PowerPoint show from the extracted/unzipped folder saved on your desktop or computer.

Used in course? Yes
ethan fahy
ethan fahy (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago


I think your STAIR project is very creative and your approach to use children’s literature to promote student learning in math and technology is excellent. I think it is awesome that you created a task that had interdisciplinary objectives which makes it much more applicable to different educators. You definitely followed some of the UDL principles by allowing the students to engage with the project through the excel sheet, the sound clips, and the interactive slide show. I thought you also did an excellent job of providing opportunities for the learner to always be able to go back to a previous page at any point in time through the back arrow or the tabs. I did; however, encounter a couple of snares that I thought I should point out in case somebody else has similar problems. The first one was that the link to the excel sheet would not open. I tried multiple times and then decided to exit the walkthrough and just open the excel sheet which downloaded with all the files. The next obstacle I could not overcome was the hint box in the excel sheet. I thought the idea was great and interactive feedback would be super helpful, except that I could not open it. I went through and even enabled my macros and it still could not get them to work. Now this could very well be a user (myself) error, but I think it may be helpful to provide detailed directions or how to enable these the correct way. Overall the project looked very professional and well thought out. I would just double check these links and steps by having your students or a colleague complete them to ensure it all works. Great job.  In reviewing your project I spent 45 minutes.


Ethan Fahy

Colin Gallagher
Colin Gallagher (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Wow what a great interdisciplinary activity! And a mighty undertaking to link Excel, video and Powerpoint.

Unfortunately for me, the video did not work within the slideshow and  some arrows were very slow to respond to my clicking.

The Excel worksheet was excellent and really adhered to UDL principles. There were muliple means of representation and the layout was clear for the learner to progress to the next question. Having the hint and the poem beside the questions was another useful means of reinforcing the poem that the students had read and the hint differentiated for the lower skill learners.

Design wise I though the Powerpoint was a little word heavy at the start. I think I'm confused that the Powerpoint was mainly geared towards the teacher and not the student..?

Overall an intriguing activity that really drove the student along a learning track where they could self direct their progress.


Technical Remarks:

Video issue and slow response to arrow clicking (may be my computer!)

Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
Melissa White
Melissa White (Faculty)
11 years ago

This is  great presentation!