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Igneous Rocks

Igneous Rocks

Introduction to Igneous Rocks.  How Igneous Rocks are formed, their texture, and color are discussed.



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David Crewes
David Crewes (Student)
7 years ago

Great review/support activity! Excellent images of representative color and crystal sizes.  Since this is a topic that I teach in my classes, I could definitely use this.......oh, I don't know, maybe Wednesday for my review of igneous rocks and volcanism.  I'll let you know what my students think.  I assume that you would elabrate on the hows and whys of crystal structure and color in the classroom as this lesson was taught.  This stair along might lead to some confusion and frustration if used as a stand alone instructional piece.  Needs some more detatils.  Awesome if you wanted to review  or summarize.  Nice presentation!

Technical Remarks:

Only a few of things I noticed with the technical aspect of the stair. 

1)  There were two places where the sound file played out of sequence:  once when you hovered over a button, rather than clicked, and once when the slide advanced rather than when a choice was made/clicked. 

2)  There was no end button on the slide show, it just kept looping to the beginning.

3)  The buttons moved around alot from slide to slide.  Not so much as one side of the slide to the other, but just a bit away from where they were in the previous slide.  Copying buttons from slide to slide might help.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Stephen Lawatsch
Stephen Lawatsch (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

I went through the show and I liked being able to link the ideas to the actual images.  I am still a little unclear about the colors of the rocks.  I was able to answer all the questions regarding color correctly but I'm not sure that I knew at the time I was learning about color what the target was.  In the beginning of the presentation you expain that all igneous rocks are characterized by mineral composition and texture, suddenly the slides start talking about color and the images don't make it clear what you mean by color.  I was looking at the images that you included with this and they didn't help me to see the differences that I was quizzed on later.  I also found myself wondering why the mineral composition affected the color.  I don't know that this got me to know about the mineral composition.  You never ask any questions at all about the mineral composition, only about the color.

The presentation focused much more heavily on the crystal stucture of the rocks.  This is where the presentation excels!  I felt like I knew a ton more and was much more ready for the quiz with regard to these questions than I was for the mineral composition questions.  I appreciated the practice questions as I felt confident that I was ready to go at the end.  It might be good to add the practice questions for the color section.  It would be helpful to know why I make a wrong choice if I select the wrong one.  Also because I only have two choices I don't have to think tha much about why I was wrong if I was.  I only have to select the other and even then I could just skip the whole question.  The pictures were very helpful for me to attach a name to the crystal structure.

Having just looked at the end before the quiz you ask if I need to know more about the types of magma, I didn't recall learning about that so I clicked it and went back to the color classification.  This is a little confusing was I learning about magma type, color or mineral composition here?  I am guessing that they are synonomous, but I can see a student being confused.  The two other questions about needing extra help didn't allow me to predict where I would go back to in the presentation either.

Overall, a few tweeks and this is great.  I hope this feedback will be helpful.  Looking forward to hearing your feedback on my StAIR.  :)

Technical Remarks:

The location and size of the nav buttons changes slightly from slide to slide.  I found that when I made my nav buttons it was easier to group them on the first slide and then copy and paste.  They paste to exactly the same location and are exactly the same size if you do it this way.  You just need to go through them and make sure they have the functionallity that you want at the end.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour