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Instructional Design Plan for Laws of Exponents

Instructional Design Plan for Laws of Exponents

This goal-oriented instructional design plan focuses upon the Laws of Exponents through a math applet that allows for differentiated instruction. Based upon student understanding, the applet guides students through a series of problems that require multiple steps for simplifying exponents.


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Kevin Karkkainen
Kevin Karkkainen (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I think the game aspect of your lesson made a lot of sense.  We somtimes forget how competitive students can get with things like this.  I think you did a good job including your ESOL students.  They should benefit greatly from your planning.  You also did a great job of integrating technology into your lesson plan.  I have seen the math applet before and it seemed great.

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Leslie Sniegowski
Leslie Sniegowski (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This lesson plan has a great technology component - the mathematic applet.  I think students will be very interested to use computers and the applet to help solve problems.  I also like the unintended consequences that some students will be motivated by the "game" atmosphere and forget that they are actually doing an assignment.  Great inclusion of the UDL principles to help accomodate all learners including your ESOL students. 

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Lindsay Sanders
Lindsay Sanders (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Your universally designed lesson plan for exponents gives students the option to solve a problem by writing down the steps or to manipulate tiles to show the reasoning. Graphic organizers can help many different types of learners as can the interactivity and self-pace/monitoring of the applet you use during the second lesson. It was very helpful that you included accommodations for non-English speaking students. These lessons will give encouragement to those students who may not always “get it” in the traditional classroom lecture. Well done!

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