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Right Triangle Trigonometry Stand Alone Instructional Resource

Right Triangle Trigonometry Stand Alone Instructional Resource

This contribution is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource that allows users to easily navigate through a presentation about Right Triangle Trigonometry. It includes vocabulary, examples, and practice questions and guides users to the learning the basics to solving right triangles. This StAIR features sound and animation effects, tutorial videos, as well as navigation buttons to quickly move back and forth between slides and back to the home...

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Deborah Johnson
Deborah Johnson (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I really liked the design of your StAIR! It was very user-friendly. Your instructions at the beginning prepared the user for what to expect during the resource. The samples that you gave were very clear and seemed to go step by step to not overwhelm the student with too much information. I might suggest having more examples before students practice problems on their own. I noticed you had links to videos that taught the problems further at the first slide, as well as extra practice links at the end. Maybe you could even add those links within the example problems so students can immediately get a few more examples? This might be helpful for learners that need reinforcement before practicing independently.

In terms of helping students as they practiced, in the first part of your tutorial I thought it was great how you would write the reason WHY a problem was wrong if students selected the incorrect answer. I think that feedback is very valuable for the learner. It was great. I might suggest doing something similar to this for the “solve for x” portion. You gave students what the “correct” answer would be, but maybe you could also include the step-by-step work for finding that solution. It would be a way for students to see their mistake. I am assuming that you probably expect students to take time to independently analyze how you got to the correct answer. From my experience, unfortunately, some students who miss a problem get frustrated and want to move on. Maybe seeing what they should have done would be helpful for the future problems.

Overall, I felt like the “instruction” that was provided was very clear and easy to follow! I especially liked the way you visually added bold lines to highlight sides or arrows to help students see visually how to look at the triangle. I think these “small” details are actually very useful to the learner, and almost can’t be as clearly explained to students when we are teaching in a classroom. I think it also was a good idea to “switch it up” between the two sections of your resource. If all of the problems were multiple choice formats, I think the students would have become bored. Instead, you switched it up and added great sound effects (but high school appropriate) to keep the students engaged. Great job overall!

Technical Remarks:

The only thing that could maybe be altered would be your “click to start over” link. When you actually do this at the end of the StAIR, all of the animations are already showing (with answers). Maybe you could look into a way of making the animations “reset” when students leave a slide? Aside from that element, I did not notice any links that did not work for navigational purposes. Good job!

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Kevin Karkkainen
Kevin Karkkainen (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

This is a great overview of sin, cos and tangent. I really like the animations that showed where these terms come from. The questions were appropriate and the videos serve to enhance the learning experience for students.  The .pps is user friendly and visually appealing.  I think this would be a very useful resource for any trig teacher looking to introduce these concepts to their students.

Technical Remarks:

All the links worked as they should and the slides were formatted well.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes
Leslie Sniegowski
Leslie Sniegowski (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Outstanding description of the basic Trig functions of sin, cos and tangent.  The "lesson" slides do a great job with animations and sound to show exactly where each calculation comes from.  There is additional practice allows students to practice concepts that they are learning, and then videos and extra links at the end of the resource allows students extended learning.  The Slideshow is user friendly and does not allow students to simply click through the entire presentation.  It does allow students to return to the homepage (main screen) when they feel they have mastered that Trig function.  Great creation Lindsay!

Technical Remarks:

Since this is a Powerpoint 97-2003 show (.pps), if you open in Powerpoint 2007 (.ppsx), you need to go and select "view slideshow" from the Slideshow toolbar.  Then the slideshow will begin - it does not start automatically when using Office 2007. 

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes