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The Central Limit Theorem:  How to Tame Wild Populations

The Central Limit Theorem: How to Tame Wild Populations

Using a parameter it's possible to represent a property of an entire population with a single number instead of millions of individual data points. There are a number of possible parameters to choose from such as the median, mode, or interquartile range. Each is calculated in a different manner and illuminates the data from a different point of view. The mean is one of the most useful and widely used and helps us understand populations. A...

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Karen Nielsen
Karen Nielsen (Student)
10 years ago

I jumped straight to the applet, as most students would after seeing the amount of text on the intro page. This is a neat little applet, but I wish it was a little more interactive and had a few more options for students to play with. Overall, it does a great job of showing how the Central Limit Theorem works.