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Grade 2 :To make a sandwich: following and using written instructions

Grade 2 :To make a sandwich: following and using written instructions

To make a sandwich: following and using written instructions

for grade 2


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Sandra Toth
Sandra Toth (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This is clearly a fun lesson designed for second graders. Students are asked write the instructions to make a sandwich to eat. Then they are to make the sandwich and eat it. The objectives are clearly stated and involved a lot of collaboration among the students. I am impressed that the young students are encouraged to use a rubric when making their sandwiches. The length of the lesson is appropriate for the age group.

Technical Remarks:

The technology the students use is a word processer for writing their recipes and a digital camera to capture their creations. At the end of the lessons the students are to eat their sandwiches together.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Allison Scovone
Allison Scovone (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This lesson takes a unique spin on the traditional writing instructions for a PB&J sandwich. The students are writing directions for their own sandwich creation, which they will actually make their peers and help fundraise for the school. This is a great way to get students motivated to learn. There is some scaffolding in the lesson by presenting exemplars of sandwich directions and demonstrating making a sandwich. A useful addition to this lesson may be during this demonstration, actually using a set of directions that students have written as a group and showing what “holes” they might have in their steps that they need to think about when writing their own directions.

Technical Remarks:

It is not clear from the lesson plan where technology is used. Under technology needs the author mentions computers, printers, camera, and time in the computer lab. However, these elements were never addressed in the lesson plan so it is unclear what students are doing with these technology tools. Therefore, I think the technology component could be highlighted more. To make another means of engagement, the students could perhaps use a program like KidPix to illustrate their sandwich using digital media.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes