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Nouns and Verbs Review PowerPoint

Nouns and Verbs Review PowerPoint

This is a review PowerPoint created for first grade (possibly second grade) to help them with individual review.  This was careated as a stand alone instructional resource (StAIR).  Students may use this to review or help them understand a little more about nouns and verbs and the differences between them.  This PowerPoint directs students through a mini-lesson and then assessment with quizzes after each section.  Students receive positive feedback for all answers (correct and incorrect) after each quiz.  Students are given another chance, and often are redirected back to the mini-lesson material to review before making another choice.  There are also sounds and animations.




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Lauren Wasiloff
Lauren Wasiloff (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

This is a GREAT StAIR on nouns and verbs! I think this is an effective way to transform instruction on nouns and verbs into a technology-rich activity. The use of animated clip art and the inclusion of sound foster students’ learning through engaging interaction. All of the visuals and sound effects included will be a great way to meet the needs of visual learners. The activity included scaffolding through the incorporation of explanations and examples, as well as quiz questions for both nouns and verbs. Students are held accountable for their learning by the inclusion of quiz questions along the way, as well as the final review at the end. All of these elements work together to create a fun and motivating activity to help children feel successful in their learning about nouns and verbs.

Technical Remarks:

It may be beneficial to add a recording of the directions, explanations, and examples to better support all students. I know in first grade there can be a wide range of reading levels, so this might help support students at a lower reading level. I also noticed that when I clicked on the football player on the verb slide, I was taken to the description of the bunny hopping. Also quiz question #2 did not have an arrow to press. Other than these minor details, you did a fantastic job! I cannot wait to use this in my kindergarten classroom!

Time spent reviewing site: 35 minutes
Marni Freedman
Marni Freedman (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

thought your StAIR was perfect for first graders! I absolutely loved the sound effects that were added to the quiz questions. Each one was different, so it was exciting to not only get the correct answer, but to hear the fun sound that comes along with it. My favorite sound was of the kids in the classroom making noises with their mouths! I think the students will walk away from your StAIR with a solid understanding of nouns and verbs. The way you had the pictures of the verbs moving will definitely be something that the children will remember and associate with action verbs. The sound effects that you added to the verb pictures were adorable! Definitely a strength, as it will accomodate different styles of learning. With the model of your StAIR the students are learning through inductive teaching, where they are shown information and then tested on what they learned. When you covered the topics of nouns, I noticed that you highlighted the word “noun” and the corresponding person, place or thing. Using this visual clue will help students to make the connection between these words. Great idea for those visual learners! The length of StAIR was appropriate for the student’s age group. I think that the fist bump slide was funny and a great way to connect with the students (appropriate for their generation). You truly were thinking about the age of your audience with the last slide. What a creative idea to use “That’s All Folks!” Amazing job…can’t wait to use it in my classroom! I know my students will love it.

Technical Remarks:

I think this activity is very complete!  Each page was linked properly to each other...easy to follow and use!

Time spent reviewing site: 35 minutes