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Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Simulates the Traffic Jam game described at


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Andrea Watley
Andrea Watley (Student)
12 years ago
As I was scrolling through sites, Traffic Jam caught my attention. First I just dove into moving the pieces, trying to figure out what I was exactly suppose to do. Then I finally found, and read the directions, which were under 3 different names, (that was annoying), reset the game and stared again. On the first level,(easy), it took me only three tries to complete the fewest amount of steps. The second level, (medium), I did eleven attempts to try and complete the game. I was not successful in doing so because, I was not able to compose a stronger strategy, and I was starting to became quite frustrated. [My best score out of the 11 was on the 10th try, with 17 steps.] By the third level (hard), I was already too frustrated and only gave it two shots, then I stopped. I think it's a pretty fun and titillating game for students to warm up with before diving into a big lesson for a class. It get's the wheels in your head rolling before hand. This shows you have to stretch your mind, as well as, open your eyes to come up with different strategies to figure out a correct pattern in the fewest amount of steps; which there is more than one way to do so.

Technical Remarks:

Should not have to search for the directions. Would have like to see them directly on the first page. Liked that you had a choice of different colors for the game. Software, was very easy to use. (The user just has to click on one of the inner images they want to move.)
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: I spent 30 min on this site.
jason miller
jason miller (Student)
18 years ago
I gave it a try for about 15 minutes, and wasn't able to cut my score on any of
the various levels. I may have missed the point intended by the creator, and
enjoyed myself in what reminded me of a checkers game jumping the other
pedestrians. But after not being able to come up with a better strategy, I began
to become a little frustrated. I wasn't sure if I had mastered the game, or was
unable to see the error in my ways, and there was room for improvement. Good
fun for a brief time. May be best suited for pre teen children, and then used as
an intro to another lesson plan.
Used in course? Yes
Aaron Loeb
Aaron Loeb (Student)
18 years ago
The Traffic Jam I found to be fun and challenging. I spent about 20 minutes
playing with this one and clicked around to try the different levels. The easy
level I could not do less than ten counts. The other levels took me much more
time to complete.
Even though this area was fun I did not find it very educational. However, it
did make my brain work trying to find the easy was to do the traffic jam.
I think the student and faculty would just find this as a game it would maybe
be a good game to get a brain going before the educational area needs to start.
For this area the software was very easy to use and understand.
Mollinedo (Student)
19 years ago
1. I spent the first 10-15 min. on the first page just trying to figuer the
thing out. When I knew it was a puzzle and it looked like you needed to arrange
the pieces, I did so, in no particular order.Then I went to find the
explaination for the game, or the mathematical principals behind it (which I
never found).
2. I think the game was trying to teach students about how to see patterns, but
I felt like if you don't explain the math behind the game, I myself can't see
the pattern.Its like when I draw, I know there's some deep mathmatics behind my
ability to see a form and be able to re-create it again on paper by remembering
its angles and its symetry, but if the math in my art was never explained to me,
I probably would have never noticed it.
3. I think it can enhance skills of seeing patterns, if there was better
explaination in the system of how to arrange the people. but i think the site
didn't do a good job in explaining, only a good job in asking questions.
4. It was very easy to use the game, the directions were very effective and
straight forward.
rhonda smith
rhonda smith (Student)
20 years ago
I spent thirty- minutes playing this game and it was very stimulating. The
material is intersting and fresh. This could definitely enhance one's learning.
First time users may experience slight diffulty in regards to conncting to the
game, other than that users should have no problems.
Aisha Starks
Aisha Starks (Student)
20 years ago
Playing this game was fun, I spent time trying to use the different levels of
the game. The content of this site is good providing that you have gone to a
different site that explains the math behind it. Then you come to this site to
test your skills at sloving the problem. Getting to the site and useing it was
no problem.