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Arithmetic 24 game

Arithmetic 24 game

This applet is to simulate a popular Chinese card game ""24 Points"". The players are given 4 playing cards. Their job is to use the number on each card once and only once, and to compute them until the result equals 24 . The winner is the one who comes up with the solution most quickly. This is a challenging and educational game. This applet features good drag and drop function.... Show More


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Jim Schurter
Jim Schurter (Faculty)
18 years ago
This would be a great drill mechanism for senior elementary and secondary school

Technical Remarks:

Some animation and more sound would encourage students to want to use it more
Used in course? Yes
s lyman
s lyman (Student)
18 years ago
I spend one hr on this problem and I thought it was a lot like black jack but
the goal was to try to get to 24 using the distributed law I thought that it was
really easy to use and I loved how the numbers where using cards it made it
really fun I thought that it would be a good help to use in class as game to
think about the distributed law
Carbajal (Student)
19 years ago
I found this game very fun and challenging. I was playing the game about 45
minutes trying to come with the number 24. The instruction were easy to
understand. This game has the ability to teach you simple equations and make
you think quickly. What made this difficult for me is that the value of the
face cards were different. Overall this game is very fun and I would recommend
the game to my friends.
H. Chun
H. Chun (Student)
19 years ago
I found this game fun and interesting. I was unfamiliar with the card game, but
was easily playing the software version of it in just a few minutes. I drew a
queen and didn't know how many points a queen was worth, but the instructions
immediately answered my question. I took about 2 minutes reading and
understanding how the game worked and then I played it for 25 minutes. The
quality of the game was good, especially the appropriate sound effects. This
game has potential for teaching a young student how to do simple equations. It
would be easy for a first time user to play.

Technical Remarks:

No technical difficulties found.
Britney Maracchini
Britney Maracchini (Student)
19 years ago
This was the most fun to play! I spent an hour trying to get my points up. It
definitely made me think about how to use the various mathematic functions to
get to a total of 24. This not only teaches you to think quickly, but drills in
your mathematical tables. The only problem I found with this one was that the
face cards appeared to have different values than I am used to. Apparently,
Jacks equal 11 points, Queens, 12, and Kings, 13 - but Aces represent only 1.