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Classroom Organization Exercise

Classroom Organization Exercise

The classroom organization exercise is used in an undergraduate educational technology course at Purdue University. Its purpose is to examine possible grouping strategies for optimal technology integration while taking into account the physical constraints of a classroom.


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Kendra Paxman
Kendra Paxman (Student)
8 years ago

I like the idea behind assisting teachers in creating their own classroom environment. However, the interactive classroom did not appear to function as I could not set up the virtual classroom. Perhaps once corrected, this may be a useful tool for education students looking to experiment how the design of a classroom can increase the productivity within a traditional classroom environment.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 min
Deborah Watry
Deborah Watry (Faculty)
11 years ago

This would be useful if teachers were creating a new classroom; however, most classrooms already have computers and furniture already in place. New teachers may find this useful as they create their own classroom environment.

Look for current articles to support technology use in the classroom.

Technical Remarks:

Some of the links are inoperable and should be reviewed/adjusted to keep current. I enjoyed reviewing the websites that do work.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Jonathan Thomason
Jonathan Thomason (Faculty)
13 years ago
The concept of developing a physical classroom environment that reflects the teachers philosophy is note worthy. However, this is a difficult "stand alone" assignment without any supporting links or information on how room arrangement reflects philosophy.

Technical Remarks:

The link taking you to this assignment goes to an animation that did not work for me. The assignment description could be found by clicking on "class org directions" at the top of the page.
Teacher Education Editorial Board
21 years ago
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