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Rocket launch simulation

Rocket launch simulation

An interactive game that involves basics of physics through a rocket simulation game. 


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Kurt Shults
Kurt Shults (Student)
9 years ago

There are so many different versions of this game and they depict the fundamentals of newtonian physics. They are fun, informative, and beneficial to teachers and students!

Yia Vang
Yia Vang (Student)
9 years ago

This is a fun game that help students learn about physics at the same time, give the students a game to play and test around

Joseph Rodrigues
Joseph Rodrigues (Student)
9 years ago

Really cool website. Includes an interactive simulation where the factors of the rocket can be changed to viusually see the impact on the rocket's performance. The website as a whole is pretty good too. Website includes other visual information about rockets. Useful for students learning about how rockets work.

Glory Warner
Glory Warner (Student)
9 years ago

That was fun. I saw a para-glider and a hot air balloon, and reached 20 meters!