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The Degree Confluence Project

The Degree Confluence Project

The Degree Confluence Project is a website that collects photos of the areas around the world where the latitudes and longitudes are exact whole numbers, such as 42N 76W on the New York State?Pennsylvania border. Included are the stories of how the confluence hunters discovered the spots. Teams use handheld GPS units to track latitude and longitude. Confluences are often difficult to discover. They can be in or on mountains, hills, bodies of water, buildings, forests, shrub, and private property. Teams often drive as close as possible to the confluence and then walk on foot after getting permission to be on the property. Users can select confluences by country or state. Confluence points are shown as dots on maps that users can click on for photos and stories. The website accepts photos and stories from volunteers. Not all confluence points have been discovered and pictured. The website raises money by donations and sale of items, such as T-shirts and mugs.


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annes koo
annes koo (Student)
19 years ago
I spent about 5 minutes browing it and it only took me couple minutes to find
out about the material!
It presents concepts and models as well. This is great for anyone who is
willing to learn about the world. This site will help both students and teachers
to enhance their learning skills. It was my first time visiting the site, and
I found it very easy to use!!
Christopher Hughston
19 years ago
If someone can think it, there is a website out there devoted to it. People
travel to all lengths of the world with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) units
in search of whole number latitude and longitude locations. Pictures from
North, South, East, West, and GPS are then posted to the site for all to see.

Technical Remarks:

Great Ease of navigation with no dead links to speak of. Quality of pictures
posted are outstanding and viewable from various perspectives. This site is all
volunteer run so you are not overwhelmed with ads.