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Agile Architectural Modeling

Agile Architectural Modeling

Architecture provides the foundation from which systems are built and an architectural model defines the vision on which your architecture is based. The scope of architecture can be that of a single application, of a family of applications, for an organization, or for an infrastructure such as the Internet that is shared by many organizations. This essay describes the agile approach to the modeling, development, and evolution of an architecture.... Show More


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Matt Smith
Matt Smith (Student)
19 years ago
I spent 30 minutes reading this article.

This article was more about general concepts to follow when developing an
architecure than describing an example of an architecure.

It is good reading in that it reminds the reader than sometimes less is more and
the presentation of a concept shouldn't take more time to develop than the
concept itself.

Technical Remarks:

This article is text-based and only requires a standard browser.
Nagel (Student)
19 years ago
20 min of reading allows me to understand one way of doing architecture
modeling. An effective tool to teach one way to do architecture modeling.
Seems to be broad sweeping with regards to software engineering and other types
of engineering.
Lehmann (Student)
19 years ago
1. 30 minutes
2. Describes an agile approach to the modeling, development, and evolution of an
architecture and describes the following phases: (1) Choose your architecture
team (2) Base your architecture on requirements (3) Model your architecture (4)
Travel light (5) Prove your architecture with concrete experiments (6)
Communicate your architecture (7) Take an iterative and incremental approach to
evolve your architecture over time (8) Think about the future, just wait to act.

3. Useful real-world description of agile methodology.
4. Requires some time and effort to digest (we're not talking five minutes
Lampman (Student)
19 years ago
Interesting approach, not being very familiar with the material beforehand ... a
lot of information to digest, would have to spend multiple sessions getting a
thorough grasp of concepts.