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Interactive Mathematics--Games and Puzzles


Interactive Mathematics--Games and Puzzles

Logo for Interactive Mathematics--Games and Puzzles
This site contains an extensive collection of games and puzzles in the form of java applets including Nim, the Tower of Hanoi, Cryptarithms, Latin Squares, and much more. Written by Alexander Bogomolny, these applets are designed to engage the reader in interactive investigations. Background material is provided and the site serves as an excellent educational resource.
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Material Type: Collection
Technical Format: Java Applet
CAUTION: Java Applets may not run on all browsers
Date Added to MERLOT: November 26, 2002
Date Modified in MERLOT: January 28, 2017
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Submitter: James Rutledge
Keywords: math puzzle, math game


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Primary Audience: High School, College General Ed
Mobile Compatibility: Not specified at this time
Technical Requirements: Java-enabled browser
Language: English
Cost Involved: no
Source Code Available: no
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Creative Commons: unsure


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Avatar for Josh Davies
7 years ago

Josh Davies (Student)

The site provides an opportunity to review various "games" that have math applications within. The format and ease of the examples are easy to follow and enable the user to explore the ideas being presented within the game. This site would be good to use in a variety of courses to explain critical thinking concepts and to illustrate how basic components may be used to solve more complex problems.

Technical Remarks:

The website is easy to use and well laid out for easy review and immediate use. Not being a fan of math, the site enable me to play with concepts and ideas in a format that is not overwhelming.
Time spent reviewing site: I reviewed the site for 15 minutes.

Avatar for Darla Cooley
7 years ago

Darla Cooley (Student)

I found this content to be excellent. It was fun and educating. I will use this for educational purposes for myself as well as my children. This material gave great models of math. easy for the first time user. It is also easy for children to use. It made math a fun thing. It can improve learning by adding fun which concepts.nice graphics with hands on learning
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour,not counting the time the kids used it..

Avatar for Laila Barakat
7 years ago

Laila Barakat (Student)

I think the innerchild in me was immediately attracted to the words "puzzle" and "games" in the title of this post. I picked the interactive game "Mastermind" because I am most familiar with that game and thought I had a pretty good chance at beating it. Plus, we're learning a little about probability in my math class right now so I was hoping to apply whatever I learned about probability to the game. I found the game hard at first because of all the possible comibinations. Although I did not beat the computer, I had fun trying!!

Technical Remarks:

I think this is a great way to "disguise" mathematical concepts into something fun so that students with math anxiety or is doubtful of his/her math skills can "play along" without being intimidated!
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes

Avatar for Linda Dau
7 years ago

Linda Dau (Student)

The math class that I am taking right now deals with, trying to find numerous ways to solve a problem. So, I really like this interactive mathematics application because it really exercises your mind and it's fun!Another thing I like about this is that, there's a variety of games to play!!I like the print out maze because it's easy and fun to make..and keeps your siblings busy.The quality of the content was very organize and easy to see.It's very effective because it's eye catching and engaging to learn.If someone could teach this, it would be very effective because it catches everyone's attention.It's very easy to use this material,even someone who never had use a computer could figure it out.
Time spent reviewing site: 1hr30mins
Used in course

Avatar for Rose Marie Nario
7 years ago

Rose Marie Nario (Student)

This is addictive and very challenging at all times. I have never looked at math puzzles before until I struggled with fun on this web sites. I have included my son and husband in trying to solve some of the puzzles I encountered here. My husband and I finally solve the rooster/hen puzzle without knowing that we actually switch sides and wife actually captured the rooster. After that the husband captured the hen. We now have a link on our computer for this math puzzles and actually recommend it to my son to go there and exercise his brain.
Time spent reviewing site: 1hour.

Avatar for Jessica Zhang
7 years ago

Jessica Zhang (Student)

I was kinda surprised about the math games and puzzles. I tried beating the computer for the coin game and it was hard. I tried some of the other games and some of them were interesting and not just simple or stupid math games that a kid can do. There were a lot of games and puzzles to do and not just three or four. The activities represented just as they said the point of the games were. The directions were easy to understand and follow. Perhaps they should include more things for higher math or games for different levels such as going from easy to extremely hard. I think that this website reinforces the concept that learning can be fun,even more so with math. I think if using games, puzzles and other activities can not only help students learn and understand math concepts but also help teachers better help and engage students to learn math, it is a good tool to use. As a student I can say that I don't always like or understand math concepts sometimes, but if I had tools such as these to help reinforce concepts, it would change my way of thinking of math. We all learn in different ways, some are more literal or analytical, whereas others are more visual. I think this website would be a great tool for someone who is more visual, but in general it would be good for all. It is something different than how we usually learn math by attending class, taking notes, doing homework, taking tests, and who knows if your really getting the concepts or your just winging it.
Time spent reviewing site: 50 minutes

Avatar for bernadette wren
7 years ago

bernadette wren (Student)

What better way to learn than to play around, which is what I did on this website. I played a game with coins made some changes and made some moves. Interesting for all ages,also will give you the chance for discussion.
Time spent reviewing site: 5-6 mins
Used in course

Avatar for Nathanael DeVine
8 years ago

Nathanael DeVine (Student)

What a blast! In a society that feels that math has gotten boring and to a generation who feels that math is a dreadful experience, what better way to teach practical mathematics to students then using a the media of their age, the internet. I particularly enjoyed the wolf and rabbit game that has a rabbit jump across a river with answering math questions while the hungry wolf chases behind. I would be lying if you were to ask me that my heart was not pounding a little bit as I traveled from one side of the stream to the other in 14 seconds (which was my best time in the many times I played this game). This is a great resource to educators and instructors alike!

Avatar for Gremar Peralta
8 years ago

Gremar Peralta (Student)

a) This website got me hooked because of the plethora of Math Games and Puzzles that was on it. Of course for this game you would have to have a College-Level Math skill depending on the topic of course. Any ways I probably spent about an hour on some of these games because they were so challenging and fun. b) The quality of the content was superb because all the games were fun and easy to learn type of thing. A lot of the games were related to different fields of math and is the best way to test your skills to the fullest. c) The effectiveness for enhancing teaching is great because games and puzzles is the best way to increase your knowledge especially in math. A lot of students have a hard time in math and it's because they need something else that is very interactive to help them understand. By using games and puzzles like these will truly boost their knowledge of math. d) It is easy to use this material because the entire site has a very simple and effective design with general navigation bars appearing on every page and on the Games/Puzzles page, the reader is always just a click away from the other site features.
Used in course

Avatar for V Papademetriou
8 years ago

V Papademetriou (Student)

I really liked this site. It had many fun and interesting modes of teaching classic mathematics.

Technical Remarks:

I think the content was vast and that it did an excellent job of presenting concepts accurately and with the right amount of levity to make it fun for the student. These games are a great way to introduce new concepts to students.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent ample time on this site and will be back as I really enjoyed the games.

Avatar for Thuy Nguyen
8 years ago

Thuy Nguyen (Student)

These game are interesting but a little bit confusing. I spend nearly one hour and a half playing all of them. However, I cannot figure out them at all. There are only 3 games that I can win the computer: vector problem, coin problems, and balance problems. They are kinds of algebra applications. Besides, I now still cannot understand the theory behind the first game named "Farmer and Wife to Catch Rooster and Hen" and the third one named "Flipping Items Simultaneously." Anyway, these games help me to realize that Math is not only the way of academic but it is also the way of playing.

Avatar for Dennis Waldbauer
12 years ago

Dennis Waldbauer (Student)

I really enjoyed playing some of the games on this site, I sent about an hour
and forty-five minutes playing the games and reading how they are used and out
together. Some of the games that I played where: Bachet's Magic Trick, Box
Labels, Fish Soup, Number Guessing, Peg Solitaire and Flipping pancakes.
Flipping Pancakes caught my attention when I was reading it, the part about
permutations was interesting and I found that it helped me on my class work. I
believe it helped me to understand the concept of sets better. I think that this
site is a good tool for learning and teaching, even if it is fun to play the
games. The visual concept of the game and math together, help to learn some of
the basic concepts of math. Math is really part of our every day life and we
don't see it, but when you use it in this type of form it shows you that there
is some fun in learning. This site is built well and is easy to get around on
and simple to use. It also has a great deal of games and puzzles to try, along
with some of the math that is used in it, very interesting site to visit.
Used in course

Avatar for   Wahl
12 years ago

Wahl (Student)

I chose this link because I am a firm believer in combining games with learning.
I spent at least 20 minutes trying out these puzzles and seeing how far I
could get with them. After I lost hope for figuring out the 3 glasses puzzle I
scrolled down to see if there were any more to try. I gave the 3 Jug problem
one look and was lost.

Technical Remarks:

The site gave you games to play and puzzles to figure out and all you had to do
was scroll down to get the solutions and explanations to the problems. The 3
glasses problem was explained in a way that I could understand and I had fun
trying it over and over again. The 3 Jugs was really confusing, but probably
because it was a concept that was just over my head in general. The author did
word everything very simply, though, which was helpful. The material was well
organized and explained nicely. I think that the site presented the material
accurately and I believe that they are educationally significant! I felt that
these games were kind of like critical thinking puzzles in addition to being
related to math; sometimes math requires you to be a critical thinker. I think
that combining games and puzzles with math that would get the students really
thinking would enhance learning and teaching. I as a first time user had a
little bit of difficulty with the harder concepts but other than that, I think
this site is pretty user friendly. The links are conveniently placed and
labeled so they're easy to find and the software east to use.
Used in course

Avatar for David Martinez
13 years ago

David Martinez (Student)

I really enjoyed this site. It's full of excitment and joy. I thought the
games and puzzles that this sight presented were a big help. The gamez and
puzzles teach you different concepts on mathematics. It builds good problem
solving techniques and prepares your for lessons. I just loved it!!!!
Used in course

Avatar for Aaron Loeb
13 years ago

Aaron Loeb (Student)

The three puzzles were contained in this area but so were many other games. The
one I selected this time was the Changing Colors. I played the game for
several minutes and was unable to successfully leave only one square white. The
patterns were repetitious even though a different number of squares were used.

The solutions were definitely very educational however I did not easily
understand the mathematical concepts that were used. Perhaps after extensive
study, these may have been learned with a good corresponding oral review.
I think both students?s learning and faculty?s teaching would be enhanced due
to the complex nature or the formulas involved.
The software is very is easy to use but difficult to solve and process.

Avatar for Heather Hatlo
13 years ago

Heather Hatlo (Student)

I spent over an hour on this site playing the various games and checking out the
background information on the activities. My family even got in on the fun,
trying to solve some of the brainteaser games. This is a really good site if you
are trying to find examples to illustrate different math techniques. There are
some great games demonstrating a variety of new experimental forms of math. You
can also find examples of Euclid?s Algorithm, cryptarithms, activities
demonstrating functions, and much more. Any of these games are great tools to
get someone, like myself, interested in math when it isn't your favorite
subject. The content is great and the tools were very effective.

Technical Remarks:

I think the games were all easy to access and it was easy to navigate through
the site. I found a lot of other great information on the main site,
Used in course