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Graph Theory Lessons

Graph Theory Lessons

The applets contain topics typically found in undergraduate graph theory and discrete structures classes like null graphs, the handshaking lemma, isomorphism, complete graphs, subgraphs, regular graphs, platonic graphs, adjacency matrices, graph coloring, bipartite graphs, simple circuits, Euler and Hamilton circuits, trees, unions and sums of graphs, complements of graphs, line graphs, spanning trees, plane graphs, shortest paths, minimal spanning trees. The applet utilizes Petersen software written by the author. Peterson can draw, edit and manipulate simple graphs, examine properties of the graphs, and demonstrate them using computer animation.



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derek velez
derek velez (Student)
9 years ago
i have always had trouble with mathematics especially graphs when they became more complicated. but this was actually rather informational. i will definately be using this link further down the line of my school career if needed. It clearly explained everything was going on in the graph although i didnt know anything about some of the graphs
Time spent reviewing site: 15 min
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook (Student)
9 years ago
for someone who is not very good at graphs i was able to easily understand the steps and directions it takes to solving the problems.

Technical Remarks:

clear links to the problems that you have
Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
allie fiorentino
allie fiorentino (Student)
9 years ago
This is awesome. For someone that was having trouble with lessons in class, they could come here and get a ton of help very quickly. This is like 10 math books in one. You have a bunch of reliable information right at your finger tips. This is extremely effective for anyone, either for review or first time learning. It is easily understood and you can keep coming back to it again and again if you need more repetition. This gives the student just one more outlet to use and go to whenever they need help or even a refresher.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about 20 minutes browsing around at all the different lessons and information.
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown (Student)
9 years ago
I clicked through the links, read through explanations, and generally browsed the site. Content is good, very relevant, and highly useful, but could be presented better. The fact that it has a Java aspect is useful, yet not the easiest for some users as Java can cause a few problems with slower connections, or for those who are using public computers. However, explanations of the theories are well-presented and easy to understand, with plenty of information on each topic and diagrams for every concept. Students would probably find this page more useful than teachers, as the layout is simple and there are spaces for one to try out various examples. However, teachers could use these as examples in teaching, and the multiple graphs/images are useful when trying to explain concepts. This would be easy to use for an average user, as the layout is just links which lead to html content with images that explain the concepts. While not the most aesthetically pleasing site, it does provide good information, easy to use applets, and a simple layout that is useful when trying to navigate to specific topics.

Technical Remarks:

Java applets are tricky, because they are useful for the content trying to be conveyed, but they can run slow and even get caught up in firewalls, which is a hindrance, especially for slower connections (i.e. public computers). The layout of the site is good in the sense that it is simple, with links to the various topics, which is easy to navigate to, especially for an average user who is not willing to do a ton of sifting through content. Layout is simple, could benefit from a few improvements, but overall does not deter from the information conveyed.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes, searching through site, clicking on links, exploring examples, and reading through content.
latisha mills
latisha mills (Student)
9 years ago
This website was very strait to the point, there was no introduction home page, it immedietly listed about 24 lessons on all types of graph theories. I felt I would reccomend this site to someone studying for a graphing test to get sample problems from and review some lessons, but not to someone like my self just learning about different types of graphs. The site was somewhat boring to me, but would be very helpful like i said to a student who wants some practice but is pretty familar with graphing, this website would definently refresh your memory!
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about 5-10 minutes here :(
vishal sharda
vishal sharda (Student)
10 years ago
very interesting. talks about null graph theory. and also undergrduate graph theory.
Andy Luong
Andy Luong (Student)
10 years ago
i thought this was really cool section because it shows how easy to graph by plotting points and the system will automatically graph it for us. Platonic Graphs are really awesome because it shows how a cube is a non-planar depiction of a cube, which means a regular cube and a planar depiction of a cube is a cube that has vanishing points. I think this section is really cool because if a student doesn't get graph that much that can read more and go over examples in this section.
Used in course? Yes
Nabeel Oqbi
Nabeel Oqbi (Student)
10 years ago
This website gives a detailed beginning to graph theory. because it shows the student how to do graph step by step.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 20 min
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen (Student)
10 years ago
This site includes many links for those who want to follow up on more of the math details.It's useful and easy to understand because it give you an interactive lessons with step by step instruction, and interesting example.therefore, you will get Line Graph,then answer the questions at the end of lesson if you read previous lessons (null graphs, isomorphism,complete graph,platonic graph, circuits.)moreover,i really like the Petersen program;it is fun and it can find complements of graphs, line 'll get fun in graph, so i recommend you to enjoy it.

Technical Remarks:

This side is easy to acess, and control.
yonas workeneh
yonas workeneh (Student)
11 years ago
This website provides a thorough introduction to graph theory. I really enjoyed because it is interactive and fun. When something is fun I learn better, quicker and also it stays in my memory for a long period of time. One of my favorite graph programs on this site is the prism. On the left side it allows you to add or delete vertices and on you can also add edge on the graph by simply dragging the point.
manvigas singh
manvigas singh (Student)
11 years ago
this site is great because it has Graph Theory Lessons. it has step by step information on graphs and how they work. it also tells you how the information is used in the graph. this website is very interative and has a lot of fun programs that allow you to play with the graphs. i recommend this site to anyone who is haveing problem understanding graphs and how they display writen information.