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Chemical Excelets:  Interactive Excel Spreadsheets for General Chemistry

Chemical Excelets: Interactive Excel Spreadsheets for General Chemistry

This is a collection of over fifty interactive Excel Spreadsheets (aka - simulations) or Excelets for discovery learning in general chemistry. The Excelets range from simple calculation aids to exploring concepts by bringing the mathematics alive. Topics covered include the bond energy calculator, temperature scales, ideal gas law, interactive periodic trends, Beer’s Law, kinetics including competing/consecutive reactions and radioactive decay, weak acid behavior, buffers, weak acid distribution diagrams, and potential energy diagrams plus the influence of random and/or systematic error in many of the topics. Guided-inquiry activities are included with many of the spreadsheets. A link to a "How to" guide for developing Excelets is provided.


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Melinda Box
Melinda Box (Staff)
8 years ago

This resource was indispensable to me when creating my own Excelets.  The examples provided from other instructors are also very useful, both for ideas and as is.

Time spent reviewing site: 6 hours