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Asperger's Disorder Homepage

Asperger's Disorder Homepage

This site is a good introduction to Asperger's Disorder (AD). It includes a description of the disorder, its epidemiology, the differences between AD and "high functioning" autism, the biology of AD, diagnostic criteria, treament, U.S. and foreign-based clinicians who evaluate individuals with AD, a bibliography of medical articles relating to AD, frequently asked questions, other related sites on the Internet, books related to AD and autism, and job opportunities for individuals with AD in Ontario, Canada.


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Shannon Chanofsky
Shannon Chanofsky (Student)
18 years ago
The site consisted of a front page with several links to Dr. Ozbyrak's writing
on aperger's. The information was very well written, very clear and very
understandable to anyone from a layperson to a professional therapist.

I am not sure that use of this website would enhance a student's learning or a
faculty's teaching. It would be a good reference for a paper, but it is
extremely specific and does not link to other sites regarding Asperger's or
spychology in general.

Technical Remarks:

The page setup is very basic. Once click takes you to the essay, and one click
takes you back home. There is no navigation available within the site, but no
reason to navigate either.
Teacher Education Editorial Board
19 years ago
This item has been triaged by the Teacher Education Editorial Board. Although
it will not be reviewed, please add a user comment if you have used this item.