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Health Education: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Drug Use

Health Education: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Drug Use

How to relieve unbearable stress.


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Linda Goodwin
Linda Goodwin (Faculty)
12 years ago
There is interesting content on this site BUT it is mixed with horrific advertising and poor web page design.
Krystal Audette
Krystal Audette (Student)
19 years ago
I really enjoyed reading through this website. It is quite lenghty so it
took me nearly an hour to read through it, but it was worth it. It explains all
aspects of stress including what it is,what causes it, how to detect it and how
to decrease or control it. The information was very informative and accurate.
I graded myself on the stress scale and guess what? I am stressed! That came
as no surprise to me though. Everyone deals with stress at some point. That's
why I think this article is beneficial to anyone. This article helps people not
only gain further knowledge about themselves, but gives an insight into how one
can decrease their stress or prevent it. I really like the way it focuses on
self- realization. It makes a reader really think about their life and how they
can change.
I Think this would be a good resource for a techer to use. It doesn't read
like a textbook. It fully explains all aspects of stress.

Technical Remarks:

I would reccomend this article to anyone, teacher or student. It is easy enough
to understand for a person just learning about stress and yet detailed enough
for someone who knows just about everything about stress. I wouldn't be
surprised if someone who thinks they know everything about stress learned
something new from this article, whether it be about stress in general or
Dave Ernenwein
Dave Ernenwein (Student)
19 years ago
This is a website that makes learning about stress easy for anyone, including
those of us who are not familiar with all the technical stuff . I spent half an
hour or so looking around it various parts and found that each section offers
the user simple explanations of complicated biological stress processes within
the body. This site can help you recocgnize stress in your life and how you can
reduce the amount you feel as wellas the amount you cause others. As the site
explains, its important for everyone to learn how to handle stress properly to
ensure better health and happiness.
mercy austen
mercy austen (Student)
19 years ago
I spent about 15 minutes looking at this web page. Interesting section on
stress tolerance as an inherited trait. Explains why people sometimes are
overwhelmed by stress. Very good for use by a teacher to explain stress issues
to a class. It has a fun and friendly kind of appearance.

Technical Remarks:

Very user friendly for a new student. Mercy