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Computer Knowledge Virus Tutorial

Computer Knowledge Virus Tutorial

This is a tutorial on computer viruses. It discusses what computer viruses are, gives some history, and discusses protection from viruses. A listing of anti-virus software vendors is also available.


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Paul Burwick
Paul Burwick (Student)
9 years ago

This is a great tutorial on the topic of viruses. It is turough in its explanation of viruses and their different types. The material was first entered in 2001. However, the topic is no less succient 13 years later. The site was also updated in 2013. This would be a great tool in the classrooom as instructional as well as practical application.

Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Cathy Swift
Cathy Swift (Administrator)
12 years ago

This tutorial is very detailed and well organized. Well defined terms and links are plentiful for explanation.

Barbara Myers
Barbara Myers (Faculty)
14 years ago
Although dated, some of this material is still viable.
James Schmidt
James Schmidt (null)
19 years ago
This site has accurate, easily understood information about viruses, their
transmission and protection from them. This site is well-organized and the
tutorial can even be downloaded to local machines. Great site!
Used in course? Yes
okamoto (Student)
19 years ago
this is a nice site. there are basic knowledge of virus, and this is clearly
organized, so it is easy to read and understand
Used in course? Yes
Fischer (Student)
19 years ago
This website starts with the very basics of viruses to a more complicated level.
The explanations make a lot of sense without using a lot of computer lingo.
It's very easy to navigate to the next page; the hardware and software items
were a definite plus to add.
I would recommend this for any computer training class to help people understand
It's designed for beginning to intermediate users, and the content is very
fluid. Good job on this page.

Technical Remarks:

very easy to navigate, maybe put in a previous page button. A couple of the
images didn't open in my browser, and the advertisements can be annoying.
Used in course? Yes
Cyndee Hyman
Cyndee Hyman (Student)
20 years ago
Nice site for help with viruses and just basic information on viruses.
Rosie McGhee
Rosie McGhee (Faculty)
20 years ago
The information was very helpful and useful for students as well as other
faculty I mentioned it to. I spent about 30 minutes browsing it. It provides
good information for those who simply can?t understand why viruses exist and how
to get rid of them, if you can. It was easy to navigate through out the page
and having the tutorial in .pdf allowed me to save the file on hard drive and it
also makes it easy to print and read. It is a very effective tool for intro
computer classes. First time users may not be very comfortable with the
navigating vehicle, but once directed, they will catch on very fast.
Used in course? Yes
Steven Leach
Steven Leach (Student)
20 years ago
Information was very useful and insightful. In looking over this site the
information was very good but could have been better utilized on paper. Most
people who utilize distance learning use something to keep the learner involved.
This might as well have been a handout or article in print form.

Time Spent Reviewing Tutorial: 10-15 Minutes

Content Rating: Good Content, useful to those unaware of virus and virus types.

Usage: This would be a good supplement to a class, to make learners aware of

Ease of Materials: Easy to follow, starts very basic, and builds upon previous

Technical Remarks:

This was a simple page that any person could post. Lay out was not pleasing to
the eye and pages were static. It was hard to distinguish one page from the
next. Although the site did have good consistency from page to page, the site
was just hypertext links, which from my position do not involve the learners. I
found the ads at the top and bottom of the pages to be very distracting, and
unprofessional. I think in the case of this site the redeeming quality of the
site was the content.
Used in course? Yes
Ebony Cromartie
Ebony Cromartie (Student)
20 years ago
Great Site. It explained Both hardware and software failure is still a leading
cause of computer problems and not viruses. Good for beginners because it
explained everything from the meaning, history, characteristics to the reasons.

Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia (Faculty)
20 years ago
I spent about 30 minutes reviewing the material and will definitely use this
link to get a quick and easy tutorial on viruses, its
history, and their function.

It uses a student-centered approach where it answers questions that are most confusing in the understanding of how viruses work.

The quality of the work is outstanding and is updated on a monthly basis when

Technical Remarks:

The interface is appealing with easy navagability.
Mehdi Zadeh
Mehdi Zadeh (Student)
20 years ago
Well done. The user has a good chance of understanding viruses and what they