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Galileo Galilei

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Galileo Galilei

Logo for Galileo Galilei
An overview of the life and accomplishments of Galileo
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Material Type: Reference Material
Technical Format: Website
Date Added to MERLOT: May 06, 2001
Date Modified in MERLOT: January 31, 2011
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Submitter: Kurt Cogswell
Keywords: biography, Math history, Galileo


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Discussion for Galileo Galilei

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Avatar for jake foraker
8 years ago

jake foraker (Student)

Galileo has been a person of fascination for me ever since the 8th grade when I wrote a report on his life accomplishments. During my higher education, I came back to Galileo for an essay on the topic of religion and politics. I spent about 25 minutes reading the biography and exploring links. I found most of the content to be educationally useful, and some that was not. For example, "Paris street names" of mathematicians is not very important in the realm of education. Otherwise, links such as "cross references" provide useful avenues for exploration. This material definitely has the potential to enhance teaching/learning through useful links and ease of layout and navigation. Students can find a wealth of information, from primary sources written by Galileo himself to historical topics regarding theories of gravitation. First time users will have no problems navigating the material. Links are thoughtfully laid out in a manner that is easy to comprehend. I recommend this site to everyone!
Time spent reviewing site: 25-30 minutes

Avatar for Jenelle Valles
8 years ago

Jenelle Valles (Student)

This biography is brief, but the website does provide other sites that can be accessed for additional information. I reviewed this material for about thirty minutes to discover more about Galileo Galilei and to determine if I could use any of the information for my current math class. Since a source for this information was provided, it appears that the material accurately presents the story of Galileo Galilei's life. The biography points out that Galileo Galilei formulated the basic law of falling bodies.

Technical Remarks:

If students want to learn more about the life of Galileo Galilei, this website could be used for research or use in the classroom.
Time spent reviewing site: Today, I spent about thirty minutes using this website. The website is easy to use. You can select the version for printing and read biography of print it. If I want to research Galileo Galilei, I will use this site again.

Avatar for dean levita
8 years ago

dean levita (Student)

very interesting biography of galileo and theres also links for further information... great amount of information that is reliable.
Time spent reviewing site: 30

Avatar for Melvin Peralta
8 years ago

Melvin Peralta (Student)

As i browsed through the site, i noticed that the site's contents were filled with a lot of information regarding Galileo Galilei, seeing this i knew that this would be a good site for sources on a presentation, or writing reports about him. I liked how they provided extra links about Galileo, and how they added letters, confessions, and awards about Galileo. In terms of technicality, with using this website, i say its very easy browsing, like reading through an article post, or like an online encyclopedia.

Avatar for Dannah Sanchez
9 years ago

Dannah Sanchez (Student)

This is awesome! If I had known about this site, I could have done better on my first midterm paper for math! A lot of the sites I visited doing my research was chaotic. This site definitely breaks down Galileo--without the fuss. I didn't have to read through paragraphs to find what I'm looking for. This would have made my research a lot easier :( I wish I had known about this earlier. The books were helpful, but this site contains 174 books/articles! I can't believe I sat through 3 hours of research sitting in a library when I could have done this at home! Students who are looking for information on Galileo will definitely find this site helpful. It is organized and clean. I truly appreciate the work that had gone into the site. I actually spent half and hour reading through some of the articles. This is really cool, I'm definitely returning later.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Used in course

Avatar for Dr. Troy Tenhet
9 years ago

Dr. Troy Tenhet (Faculty)

Nice website. I appreciate the use of primary sources.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to navigate. Very simple.

Avatar for Rajbir Kaur
9 years ago

Rajbir Kaur (Student)

It's too bad Galileo Galilei was condemned for all he did. I spent about 25 minutes reading through this site and thought all the information was helpful and enjoyable. The material in this site is accurately presenting he concepts the models that are educationally ignificant. It is serving a great education tool and also it is helpful for us who are learning and to those who are teaching. Lastly, this site is very easy to use and anyone can take advantage of this site for learning purposes.
Used in course

Avatar for Jessica Clifford
10 years ago

Jessica Clifford (Student)

I spent some time clicking through some of the information on this site and found that there are very interesting and helpful sections and I think this site has a lot of useful information on Galileo and his accomplishments amateur but it needs to be updated visually. It looks very which makes it appear like it is less credible that other sites. But because of it simplicity it is very easy to browse through. I can see how this would be helpful if a young student was doing a research paper on the philosopher or a project on Italian mathematicians.

Avatar for yonas workeneh
10 years ago

yonas workeneh (Student)

This site is very helpful. It helped me learn more about a person I know little of. He was a great philosopher, mathematician and an astronomer. We see his works in our daily life today, especially the telescope. It opened doors from Hubble space telescope to giant observatory telescope

Technical Remarks:

i like the fact it has many links that took me to other site about the topic and also has references where information is from but the page is a little dull it lacks color and interactive.

Avatar for Antonio Alanis Correa
10 years ago

Antonio Alanis Correa (Student)

I really like this article about Galileo’s life because it gives many important points about math and astronomy. Galileo was a great mathematician for many reasons. One of the reasons is that he discovered the method of finding specific gravities. By using his math skills, he developed the lenses of his telescope to see the sky, which he discovered many important objects in the sky. He discovered Jupiter’s moons, the sun is in the center of the galaxy, Milky Way, and the infinite universe. With his math skills, he discovered how to measure the distance in the sky. When I finished reading the article I learned a lot about how people in the past used their math skills to discovered new subjects about our planet, and other planet in our galaxy. This article explains how we can use our math skills in different areas no matter what is the subject because we use math all the time. For example, this article described how a great mathematician uses his skill to discovered new planets and objects in the sky. This article helped me to understand more about math and astronomy as the same time; and also helped me to learn more about math so that the way I can use my math skill in the future. I really recommended to read this article about Galileo’s life and understand more about math and astronomy subjects. The article is long, but it is very interesting subject about math and astronomy.
Used in course

Avatar for Kimberly Nguyen
13 years ago

Kimberly Nguyen (Student)

This site is very well researched considering Galileo's life and all his
accomplishments. However I dont think alot of this information is nessesary and
can be compiled into smaller tid bits such as his life and how he grew up. I
would have much rather read alot about his mathematical contributions and what
he basically became famous for in math. I didnt really need to know about his
love for music and then having to read on until much later down the page where
he finally wrote a book.
Used in course

Avatar for Nicky Thortis
13 years ago

Nicky Thortis (Student)

Galileo struck me as an intresting topic because of his passion for math/science
as well as his passion for religion. If anyone has done even a little bit of
research they would know that math/science mixes with religion as well as oil
and water. To see his take on the religious aspects in addition to the
mathematical side puts his whole view into another category.

I spent about 10 minutes reading this article, but I tried to pull out the
"meat" of the article.

Technical Remarks:

The biography of Galileo was very intresting, but I felt it was a little
overwhelming. They included a lot of unneccesary information (at least for this
assignment). I would have liked for them to go more into the content of what
he accomplished rather than short overviews. The article was still very
Used in course

Avatar for Ross macdonald
14 years ago

Ross macdonald (Student)

Thissite would seem to be very well researched. There are little tidbits about
Galileo that I never knew, some interesting tidbits about his childhood, how he
almost didnt become a mathemetician. Y ou can tell that the writer did his
research, but the page is a little dry, too factual. THere is a lot of
interesting information, just not conected in a very conversational way.

Avatar for Annie Hong
14 years ago

Annie Hong (Student)

Since I am doing my final paper on Astronomy, this page on Galileo was the first
thing that caught my attention. I printed out the page so that I can high light
what I thought would be useful while I skimmied the reading. I did that for
about 15 minutes. I was really surprise to find out so much information about
Galileo that I didn't know before. The information was more in depth than any
text books I have read. I think this was a great page for people who want to do
more research on Galileo. There was a lot of information but it was written in a
simple language for anyone to understand. As a first time user myself, I can
say that this website was really easy to use.
Used in course

Avatar for Marc Muniz
14 years ago

Marc Muniz (Student)

Galileo Galilei is a brilliant man he has developed many scientific and
mathematical achievements, from his theory of motion to his early work with
astronomy and telescopes its all here. This web site offers a lot of
information; it presents a background of his life as well as a brief explanation
of his family?s life. It covers his life and achievements in order of when it
happened starting from his childhood a following him until is adult years. It
explains a few of his concepts, but they are difficult to understand simply
because the level of material is at a skilled level. But for those who don?t
mind reading and rereading, this site has a lot of interesting information to
show. It is useful as a math or history resource.

Avatar for Kevin Henry
14 years ago

Kevin Henry (Student)

I spent 30 minutes reading and making sure I understood what all Galileo had
done to help math and science. I made sure I understood Copernicus theory so I
can understand more about what Galileo thought. I tried to read the whole site
and undertand what all he had done and what he went through to change the minds
of many people about Astronomy.
The quality of this content is really good. I learned a lot from this site, a
lot of stuff I didn't even know Galileo was associated with. I enjoyed his
struggle to get into math, even though his father disagreed and wanted him to be
in the medical field. I didn't even know he was that big inastronomy either,
for some reason I thought it was more mathematics. He developed a very
descriptive telescope and from there he had his ideas on the universe. He
believed the earth went around the sun and many people disagreed with this,and
late inhis life he was sent to jail, well house arrest for his theories that
Earth was the center of the universe.
I feel this would be a good teaching instrument for the youth and for higher
education. Not only is this a good documentary for learning of a highly regarded
scientist/mathematician, it shows you about how the world was and how the ideas
we have now were created. Back then it was all ideas and they spent their
lives proving the things we take advantage of today. You can use this to teach
the things I have said, can be used to teach about ancient religions and the
struggles to teach new ideas. I feel first time users will enjoy this. There
is nothing hard about the site, you just have to read the site and if your
confused it is set up to click on the unfamiliar subject and get caught up in
the subject itself.
Used in course

Avatar for Kathy Phelan
14 years ago

Kathy Phelan (Student)

This was one of the first sites I visited when I was introduced to Merlot in
early November. I spent a long time reading and learning about Galileo. I have
always been fascinated by what he did -- and admittedly, didn't know about much
of what he did until I read this. My husband loves the stars and thinks he can
identify every start in the cosmos. It's interesting to me how wonderful
astronomy and the work of Galileo touch peop

Technical Remarks:

Very easy. I didn't realize until afterward that this site was managed/written
by the previous one I had visited.

Avatar for Jonathon Plambeck
14 years ago

Jonathon Plambeck (Student)

I spent about 45 minutes reading through the article and found it very
interesting. Why? When I was younger used to hear of Galileo because of a
program at NASA. I had not known the significance of what Galileo did in the
developing of math and science used today. Now knowing his back ground and all
he did I can relate it to the NASA program that was exploring space and

Avatar for Anthony olmos
14 years ago

Anthony olmos (Student)

It was very interesting to learn more about Galilel Galileo. It is interesting
how math and astronomy always tie into together.I learned about Galileo and his
discoveries of the solar system and his modles of the solar system. It was
interesting to see that this man was the inventor of the telescope and he even
studied medicine.He changed the world with his discoveries and he was thinking
about things nobody ever thought about.The information was very interesting and
detailed. It took me about 45 minutes to navigate through all of the remarkable
information which is not that long taken to accord all this mans astonishing

Technical Remarks:

It was very easy to navigate through although this alot of information to read
through. Very easy to go through.
Used in course

Avatar for   Nguyen
14 years ago

Nguyen (Student)

this site like the site on Newton was also very interesting to read because of
the history and how things developed in the unviverse. from the history and all
the data we can see how the developement of the properties and theories came
together from one genertaion of atronomers to the next in order to have our
solar system finally understood today. the development of the telescope was
giant step and the data collected by Galileo were great parts of the foundation
of today. this would be useful for reports since it's very simple and easy to
read and had links to other site with further information to continue the whole
history of the universe. i think this is a good source for teaching and

Avatar for Fernando Brasil
14 years ago

Fernando Brasil (Student)

I spent about 40 minutes reviewing this website. It was a pleasure reading
Dr. O'Conner's paper on Galileo Galilei.
I knew that he was an astronomer; but I had no idea of his other
accomplishments. For example,his design of a pendulum clock.
I learned interesting things about Galileo. He was born in Florence in 1564. As
a young boy he was educated in a monastery. He studied medicine ;but this was
not his true passion. His son Vincenzo tried to make a clock using his Father's
plans- but failed.
This paper can definitley be used to increase ones' knowledge of Galileo.
It does take patience to get through some of the material.

Technical Remarks:

I experienced no technical problems. This site contained no applets.
Used in course

Avatar for Nhu Nguyen
15 years ago

Nhu Nguyen (Student)

It took me almost an hour to go over the whole article. However, this is a short
amount of time to learn about the life and work of a well known scientist. I
read this article when I was writting a research about Galileo Galilei, and this
article helped me a lot in organizing my ideas. I also took a look at other
articles about Galileo, but they are not as well informed and presented
logically as this article. The content of this article is various and
educational. It supports us not only the relationship among Galieo with his
family, collgues and society, how they affect his career and work, but also his
great accopmlishments in modern sciences. His contributions to science -
formulation of the laws governing failing bodies, the invention
of the telescope, the discovery of the isochronism of the pendulum, and numerous
astronomical discoveries- has made him become the father of mathematics and
modern physics. Finally, if you are doing a research or gathering information
about Galileo or history of mathematics, this article is the best choice. The
article is written in time order, so it is easy to collect the ideas you need.
It is also acessible and has many images and links, which relate to other topics
and mathematicians.

Avatar for Erica Gonzales
15 years ago

Erica Gonzales (Student)

On this site I spent about 35 min. I heard of Galileo before and studied him in
my astronomy class, and this site was great. It talked about how he invented
the telescope and how he used math to chart his findings in outerspace. I never
knew before that Galileo studied medicine. I really wish I would have know of
this site when I was taking my astronomy class it would have been very helpful.
I think it would work great in the class room or as a reference.

Technical Remarks:

It was really easy to use this site. I had no problem finding it and browsing
around it.
Used in course

Avatar for Jason Piraro
15 years ago

Jason Piraro (Student)

i spet 25 min and this was ok. i have heard about galileo before. i have his
name in sicence class. it seems like he had a lot of different personailtys.

Technical Remarks:

i thought it was interstesting but i need a little help with this.
Used in course

Avatar for Ian Sivertstol
15 years ago

Ian Sivertstol (Student)

This was one of the best articles I have read since I started exploring the
merlot site. I spend around an hour reading what the authors had to say and
browsing the many different related links. It was particularly facinating to me
to learn of Galileo's discoveries of our solar system and also his invention of
the telescope. The content quality of this website was exceptional in my opinion
and it could definitely benefit students to visit. I'm almost positive that it
would enhance a student's learning to visit this site and it would really help
faculty teaching to visit it as well.

Technical Remarks:

This is a very user friendly site. It has many different links throughout the
reading, as well as a nice assortment of links at the bottom of the page.
Used in course

Avatar for Sarah Marquardt
15 years ago

Sarah Marquardt (Student)

I reviewed the materials by browsing, and looking through and trying things.
Theres a lot of info on this site. Yes this site gives concepts that are
significant, like about him, background, what types of math, etc.I do think that
students will learn from this, but it has to be taught in the right way.Yes
first time users will find it easy, because I am a first time user and I'm doing
just fine.
Used in course

Avatar for Barbra Bied Sperling
15 years ago

Barbra Bied Sperling (Staff)

I love to learn about new people especially inventors who truly believe in
something they enjoy. This man loved to learn about astronomy and mathematics.
His passion about the outer space and math appealed to me. He enjoyed looking at
the stars and he invented the telescope. The telescope was used by many ships
at sea. I have been on a ship before and that was interesting to me. Also, he
explored some of the planets that we know today. I also learned that he was the
man who said that the earth rotates around the sun. During his adult life this
became a serious issue to people at the time. Many people couldn't see through
his eyes and didn't believe him. If you are someone who enjoys looking at the
stars througha telescope then you will enjoy reading about this man. And, if
you are someone who needs information about astronomy then this site will help
you to write your paper. Also, you can look up other inventors in science and
math for your interests.

Technical Remarks:

While I was reading this site there was no technical problem at all. The site
didn't disconnect and black out. It was very easy to go on the other links
listed towards the end of the page. And, it was easy to get it on the screen and
to go back to the previous screen.

Avatar for Kevin Kentner
15 years ago

Kevin Kentner (Student)

I spent 30 minutes browsing through the material on Galileo. He was very brave
to tell others of his findings regardless of the conseguences he could have
faced during those times. The material was very interesting explaining the
discoveries he had made with his telescope. A student could certainly use the
material for a research paper or presentation.
Used in course

Avatar for Noel Dietz
15 years ago

Noel Dietz (Student)

This was a very enjoyable trip into the life and times of one of the
world's most interesting explorers of science and mathematics. I spent the
entire afternoon, not only studying this fascinating article about Galileo, but
also going from web site to related web site in search of more facts about this
most gifted man. The material presented by Dr. O'Connor and Professor Robertson
accurately reflects the many interesting and revolutionary contributions made
by Galileo as well as his controversial and unpleasant problems with the
Catholic Church.
Galileo was the first European to make systematic observations of the
heavens by menas of a telescope and made many remarkable discoveries: mountains
and craters on the moon, four moons revolving around Jupiter, the phases of
Venus, and sun spots. His published observations probably did more to make
Europeans aware of the new picture of the universe than the mathematical
theories offered by Copernicus and Kepler. His scholarly treaties were written
in Italian rather than Latin, making them more widely available to the public,
which no doubt alarmed the church authorities.
The authors of the article go into great detail explaining the problems of
the church and its inability to accept the true meaning of Galileo's
discoveries. I do believe, however, that they could have spent more time
detailing how the condemnation of Galileo by the Catholic Church seriously
hampered further scientific work in Italy, which had been, up to that point, at
the forefront of scientific innovation.
This article would be very appropriate for use in most math classes and it
is one of the best written about the details of Galileo's life while studying
mechanics after he was placed under house arrest by the church.

Technical Remarks:

The access to this site was really easy and the reader is automatically
drawn to the many related web sites offered at the end of the article. The best
by far are "The Galileo Project" and "The Mathematical Discovery of Planets."
Used in course

Avatar for   Downs
15 years ago

Downs (Student)

The St. Andrew's site for Gallileo gives a well rounded picture of this
groundbreaking scientist, and is very simple to use, even for me. This is for
the most part a biography given for the purpose of understanding the scientist's
background for his work. The page is filled with maps to understand the region,
and historical backgrounds to understand the time and place that Galileo was
brought up in, and came to intellectual maturity in. Many essays serve as links
and are full of fascinating, useful, and well written articles. I spent a medium
ammount of time (oh, say 25 minutes) reading said articles, and gathering a
broad picture of the man, his historical controversies, and his theories,
experiments and discoveries. There is not much in the interactive category, but
I was not looking for it, rather looking for information and background, and I
recieved much. I think the collection of essays presented here are a fine guide
to teaching the work of this important figure. All should find access to these
pages easy, as they are mostly just essays.

Avatar for   Bui
15 years ago

Bui (Student)

This was a very interesting and enjoyable article to read. Even though Galileo
studied medicine, he is remembered for his work on the telescope and theories of
space. Galileo believed that everything revolved around the sun. Most of the
astronomers at the time believed that everything but the earth and moon goes
around the sun which, in turn, goes around the earth. His teachings and
lectures disagree with the standard of society. Galileo continued to write and
smuggled out his articles outside the country. Learning about Galileo in public
school centered on his invention of the telescope and not his troubles with the
scientific community at the time, which this article pointed out. I gained a
lot of insight into the life of Galileo that I did not know. I connected to the
various links to other sites about his life because the article was very

Avatar for Assal Shahnavaz
15 years ago

Assal Shahnavaz (Student)

I spent thirty minutes looking through this site and reading some of the reference material on Galileo Galilei. It was amazing to discover all of the faces of Galileo as a professional musician, a mathematician, a science philosopher, an astronomer and also a physician. This site if very informing and has tons of detailed information on Galileo. This is a great reference site for students wanting detailed biographical information on Galileo and his accomplishments. The content of this site and its links is very complete. This site is definitely a great resource for students as well as teachers to enhance the concepts and knowledge of Galileo and his life accomplishments. The material presented on this site is very user friendly, although I did come up to a link that was not accessible. I as a student would definitely use this site as a source if ever writing a paper on early astrologers or Galileo specifically.

Avatar for Sam Oshana
15 years ago

Sam Oshana (Student)

I spent an hour between browsing the Merlot website and reading this article.

I've always wanted to know what really had happened to Galileo Galilee after his
historical discovery in 1632. Galilee was and will always be a symbol of
courage to those who seek the truth and examine the facts carefully, and to
those who are not afraid to show the world a better way to advance and achieve.
Not only his discovery to the Earth's motion had ignited the courage in other
scientists to move forward and accomplish amazing discoveries by which this
generation is greatly benefiting from, but also his faith in changing the world
and his readiness to take the next step while many at his time preferred not to
do so, that kind of courage, had given us today, what we are proudly have

One thing, more or less, have stuck in my mind as I was reading the article, the
author is quoted to say:
"There eventually followed some expression of interest by the Inquisition. Prima
facie, Copernicanism was in contradiction with Scripture, and in 1616 Galileo
was given some kind of secret, but official, warning that he was not to defend

For being a student of different religions, I beg to differ, and I wish to be
corrected if I were wrong. In the Old Testament, in Isa. 40:22 the passage
states that the Earth is circular. "Khoog" in Hebrew. That shows that the
scriptures were not in conflict with Galilee's discovery, instead it shows that
the Church authorities at the time were very ignorant of their own theology!
I have greatly benefited from the article knowing for the first time that
Galilee was a Mathematician as well as an astronomer and philosopher.

Avatar for   Jones
15 years ago

Jones (Student)

I started with it in mind to just take a quick look around. I ended up taking
quite a while looking through this web site. I loved that it had a lot of
interesting parts to keep my intrest. I think that this is a great website to
find a plentiful amount of information.

Avatar for Ken Miguel
16 years ago

Ken Miguel (Student)

The materials I read on Galileo Galilei was very interesting and educational
indeed. I told myself that I was just going to take about five minutes to browse
through the site but the more I looked around, the more I was fascinated into
the reading of important people in math history like Isaac Newton and Mr.
Galilei himself.
On the quality of content, I felt that the site covered it well. What I
liked about the readings on Galilei was how there are links that you can click
on pertaining to a connection on the material being read. For example, Galileo
talked about how he was a "Copernican" (believer in the theories of Copernicus).
You can click on "Copernicus" link and magically you will be informed on the
theories of Copernicus.
Indeed the potential effectiveness for enhancing teaching and learning will
be enhanced. If a site can offer great material for research, a network for
people with the common interest, and easy to use, than this is the only site
people need!

Avatar for gloria hernandez
16 years ago

gloria hernandez (Student)

It took me about 5 minutes to go into the link of the article of Galileo. It
was easy to read and there was useful material such as the links that were
included for further research on this "nobleman of Florence". Interesting to
know that he was a professional musician, and he studied medicine, matematics
and philosophy. Overall it was exellent. One of the sites "The matematical
discovery of planets" was really interesting and usefull.

Technical Remarks:

It was really easy to access to this article.

Avatar for   huynh
16 years ago

huynh (Student)

Within a few mintues, it felt as if i was back in my astronomy. I remember most
of the information that had read. If i was had to do an essay in my astro
class this site would have been really helpful & this site would have been
helpful to me when i was taking the astro class. The information that was
giving would have been a good way for me to study for my astor class. The
content is the same as the text book that i used in class so not much of the
content was hard to read. Yes this site would have help enhance my learning if
i had knew about this site a year ago. The material that was giving was easy to
remember maybe because i had already learn it. Anyways only if i knew about
this site before it would have help me got an better grade in that class.

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16 years ago

Eliza Bermudez (Student)

I was looking for something interesting to read, when I came alone the Galileo
Galilei. I've been a fan of astronomy since I was young. Learning about the
history of Galileo was amazing to me to find out that he was a great
mathematician, along with a science philospher & an astronomer. The potential
effectiveness of the information was great. This will allow students to gather
information for homework and projects. The material on the site was easy once
you've been in a few times.

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16 years ago

aboukhaled (Student)

I spent around two hours reading and writing my comment about Galileo?s article.
It took me that long not because it was hard to understand, but because his
article stimulated me to know more about him from different sources. Reading
about Galileo, to me, is reading about an endless river of knowledge and
The material accurately presented concepts and model that are educationally
significant, and it was amazing to know that all characters of a scholar were
named in this genius man. In other words, he was only a great mathematician,
but also a science philosopher, an astronomer and also a physician.
The potential effectiveness for enhancing teaching and learning was clear and
excellent. Definitely it was used properly, and the students? learning and
faculty?s teaching will be enhanced. For an instance, I?ve always thought, as a
kid and until now, that Galileo?s main discovery was to know what mathematical
law governs the accelerated motion. Why I used to think that? Cause I remember
watching a cartoon about Galileo when I was a kid. It?s amazing how I still
remember that cartoon until now, but I was totally wrong to think that Galileo?s
investigation about the accelerated motion was his main theory, because as I
read from his article and other sources, he had numerous theories and
discoveries that still teaches us until this day and this moment.
As a first time user it was not very easy to use the software because I had to
refer to my teacher and be sure where exactly I need to go to submit my

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16 years ago

damian camarena (Student)

I decided to comment on Galileo because I am interested in astronomy . If it
had not been for Galileo, I would probably not have grown to enjoy astronomy so
much because there would not be a telescope to enable me to into the galaxy.
It's too bad he was condemed for all he did. I spent about 25 minutes reading
through this site and thought all the information was helpful and enjoyable.
Very well put together

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16 years ago

Dan Elrick (Faculty)

I spent about ten minutes reading about Galileo and really enjoyed learning
about his contribution to math. He would be a great choice for a math report
because of the math history. This site provides many easy to use links as well,
which would help in providing information for any type of research. This is a
great site and I highly encourage the use of it, especially if you are a history

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16 years ago

Kim Nguyen (Student)

I decided to choose Galileo as one of my links to comment on because I also liked the topics he was interested in, such as astronomy and philosophy. I thought his improvement of the telescope was probably very practical at the time and I thought it was unfortunate that he was condemned for defending Copernicanism. It took me about 5-10 minutes to read.
And yes, I think the information was very enlightening and would be quite helpful in
educational environments.
This site gives a lot of useful additional information, cross-references, and links, etc. Overall, I think it was very thorough and well-written.

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16 years ago

Luke Snider (Student)

I thought the reading on Galileo was very interesting because he thought of so
much and because of it, he was condemned. He was against the norm in a way
because the people of that time were using Tycho's type of thinking. Overall it
was very insightful and could be used to do a great research project. His ideas
and discoveries are why he was an important man in the field of mathematics.

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16 years ago

Due Nguyen (Student)


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