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This is a self-help center, designed to help visitors reduce stress and depression, overcome addictive behaviors, improve relationships and enhance career and personal satisfaction.


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Shannon Chanofsky
Shannon Chanofsky (Student)
20 years ago
I spent about half an hour reading the essays and going through the links and
advice column. There were no activities, and except for the Q&A, no interactive
elements to this site.

The content of this website was very sketchy. The essays were a simple
regurgitation of the writings of Albert Ellis and of the simpler concepts of
REBT therapy. The book suggestions were thinly veiled advertisements for the
writings of the Psychologist who hosted the site and the responses to the Q&A
worried me.

This site was not educational nor significant in any way except as a tool for
self promotion. Why it was submitted to an educational website confuses me.

I don't see any redeeming value in this site and don't think that it would be an
effective tool for teaching.

Technical Remarks:

This site was laid out in a very straight forward way. All the pages were
easily accesible from the home page and the tool bars allowed for quick and easy
movement through the site.
konstantin lukin
konstantin lukin (Student)
20 years ago
I really liked this site because it serves two purposes. First it gives you an
overview of different types of mental problems people go through, a brief
discription of what the problem. Second it provides with helpful hints and ideas
how to get rid of that particular problem which range from Stress/Anxiety to
Self-Esteem and Depression. Another idea that I really liked was that there were
links to places where you can get real help from real psychologists if you
think that you cannot help yourself by using the methods and ideas metioned on
the site. I also liked the idea that the language used can be understood by
anyone, there were no complicated words or phrases that can only be understood
by other psychologists. I spent extensive amount of time browsing this site and
I think that it is wort while to visit it if your are interested in ways you can
aliviate some of mental problems that most people face. I think this site
provides a general overview of topics and solutions of different mental problems
in simp
le terms and because of that I think it can be easily understood by anyone.
Anastasia Lichtenstein
21 years ago
I spent about 40 minutes going through the information avialable on this site.
The self tests are educational to anyone. This is a very usefull and
informative site. A student or teacher can take self tests or learn about
certain disorders, such as depression.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to use and read.
Stacey Houser
Stacey Houser (Student)
21 years ago
This site is a self help site on psychology issues. It helps people reduce
stress and depression, overcome addictive behaviors, improve relationships and
enhance career and personal satisfaction. I think this site is a great way for
someone to get private help on a psychology issue. I am not sure how relable the
results are, but it does seem to pretty good.

Technical Remarks:

The site is very easy to use. You simply click on the information you want and
it sends you straight to it.